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November 21, 2011

Paintings can have a powerful way to evoke emotions, as I experienced yesterday during the third Sunday of the Lobby Gallery at the Lakeside Hotel.

Detail: We Are Not Alone

At the front of my table I had again displayed one of my latest paintings, We Are Not Alone, this time with a spotlight directed at it.  The light really brought out the textured  surface and the painting got lots of attention. Some people suggested another orientation and we had a lot of fun turning the painting upside down (looked quite good), or sideways, which was less flattering.

At one point a lady stopped and looked long at the painting; she seemed lost in thought, so I waited a bit with approaching to greet her. She then told me that the painting made her think of the gold rush, which took her back to the Yukon, where she came from.
Many years ago she had come to the Okanagan , on accord of some bad circumstances, leaving behind all friends and family. She then revealed to me she had been a victim of the Canadian Indian Residential School system, which  was intended to force the assimilation of the Aboriginal peoples in Canada into European-Canadian society. The purpose of the schools, which separated children from their families, has been described as cultural genocide or “killing the Indian in the child.”

She now was an advocate for the victims and shared her story through lectures to make people aware of the wronged indigenous people.

This all came pouring out her, because my painting had connected with her….we both were amazed at the intensity of our emotions and embraced as she left.
Bella, you made a big impression on me, thanks for sharing your story on accord of my painting!

On a lighter note: although I did not sell any paintings yesterday, I had great fun talking to everyone who stopped at my table. Carol brought over several people, who had seen her display, to introduce me to them as “the teacher”.

And at the very end of the show Barb Hofer and I exchanged a painting, so technically we both sold a painting!

This is the beautiful painting I got:

Barb Hofer, Similkameen Symphony, 14x18

In exchange Barb took one of my latest Hills & Trees paintings:

Thea Haubrich, Connected, 12x12


New! 8 small paintings + 4 little treasure chests

November 16, 2011

During the Lobby Gallery show at the Lakeside I painted a whole stack of small paintings as demos and some turned out quite well. Nice enough to put in a mat and cellophane sleeve; now they look like a million bucks!

The 4 little treasure chests are 7x5x3″ wooden boxes, which I decorated with encaustic. Each one is a painting by itself, don’t you think? I want to sell them at the next Lakeside show. Now, how to price them…??!


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Isn’t that nice? I just discovered this slideshow function on wordpress!


More sales at the Lakeside!

November 13, 2011

Today was the second  Sunday of the Lobby Gallery at the Lakeside Resort and it was very busy indeed. At the same time Community Market was held in the ballroom, with many vendors, so lots of traffic through our area. Gay Ross sold her beautiful painting of the geese to a gentleman, who had visited her the week before and had left without buying it, but apparently couldn’t get it out of his head and had to come back for it!
I got to speak to many nice folks and did some demos.

Thanks for taking this nice picture, Barb!

Bill Hibberd was there also, painting a portrait of Bethany Handfield. I got some nice shots of him working:

Bill in action, with Bethany sitting unusually quiet...;-))

Very exciting was that I sold 4 paintings today! The first one was an 8×10″ matted work, painted with the iron.

Those Copper Hills

And then a lady bought “Rift”, plus my last two 3×4″ crow paintings!
Actually all of the crow paintings got lots of attention, as did “We Are Not Alone”, which I had displayed at the front of my table, and people could actually touch it. This painting is very textured and I know it is just soooo tempting to run your fingers over it, so I had a little sign saying: “It’s OK to touch the paintings, just don’t scratch them…;-))”

This is “Rift”, a painting I really loved doing and I’m glad it went to such a good home:

Thea Haubrich,Rift, 8x24, encaustic

And here is “We Are Not Alone”:

Thea Haubrich, We Are Not Alone, 16x20, mixed encaustic

Who knows, I might sell it next week…;-))


Sales at the Lakeside!

November 9, 2011

The first lobby gallery at the Lakeside Resort was a success. The friendly hotel staff had set up our tables and we were free to use any easels, racking or even to hang paintings from the gate in front of the restaurant.
I spoke to many people, gathered several emails and generated interest for workshops by doing demos with the painting iron.

Display at Lakeside Resort

This was my display

Barb Hofer  had a table next to mine. She does beautiful work, mainly in acrylics, but also works in watercolour or paper collage. She sold two paintings to one art lover! Of course everyone was very happy for her.
We hope on more sales next Sunday. The gallery hours have changed a little bit: we now will be there from 11 AM until 4 PM, taking advantage of the traffic that the Community Christmas Markets will bring, which are also held in the hotel on Nov. 13 + 20, from 12 – 4.

Barb with one of the sold paintings

Lakeside Lobby Gallery

November 1, 2011

Every Sunday in November, from 10 AM – 2 PM, the Penticton Lakeside Hotel will host a Lobby Gallery, inviting scores of local artists. I’ll be there too, with brand-new work, some older favourite paintings and small matted works on paper (easy to send in the mail!).
This is a fantastic chance to get a head-start on your Christmas presents and to put some original art under the tree for a loved one.

I’m also bringing a stack of beautiful hand-crafted Christmas cards, almost too special to send…;-)
They are done in a technique I will be teaching at the Christmas card workshop in December, using rubber stamps and outline stickers. Here are a few samples:

I’ll be giving away free bookmarks and if space permits I will do some demo’s too. Hope to see you there!

Red Dots!

September 9, 2011

The turnout at the opening of  UNTANGLED yesterday evening was fantastic! Even with all that’s going on in town right now, people took the time to drop by and view our paintings. Thanks so much for everyone for coming; it meant a lot to us.

And what is even better: between Bethany and myself we sold 6 pieces!
There are still lots of nice paintings available, though, so come take a look if you could not make the opening.
Leir House is open Mo – Fr: 10 Am – 4 PM.
Below are some pictures of the evening, which my husband Peter took.

This is in the main lounge

It was practically CROWDED in the foyer!

The refreshments, and more art, were set up in the board room.

While chatting with Mike I apparently became distracted....

...and again, as I was supposed to be posing with Bethany (doesn't she look gorgeous?!)

That's better!!

Sharing a happy moment with Carol

Bethany with her parents. The painting behind them sold!

Hanging “Untangled”

September 4, 2011

Today Bethany Handfield and I put up the paintings for our joined show “Untangled” at Leir House Cultural Centre in Penticton. We had expert help from Bethany’s friends Tim and Michael and my husband Peter.

While Tim was busy hanging paintings....

...Michael and Peter took time for a little chat!

And here is Bethany, polishing her painting to a fine shine.

Both of us are not used to working large, so I must say I never thought we would pull it off to incorporate all those smaller paintings in the show. But we were able to make use of the wonderful old bookcase and I think that display looks spectacular.

Hanging two paintings on a chain was another option, but tricky, while the top painting usually tended to be very crooked. Michael found the perfect solution and managed to get them all to look presentable.

Left: Bethany, right: mine

Two happy gals in front of their paintings! (Photo Tim Tweed)

Please come and celebrate the opening of the show with us on Thursday, September 8, from 7 PM!!

Poster designed by Tim Tweed!

A Sunday Outing

April 4, 2011

Yesterday I took my own advice from my April Newsletter and went on a little spring outing along the Naramata Bench. First my hubby Peter and I visited the well-known Red Rooster Winery to check out Gillian Tucker’s exhibit of her oil paintings (sorry, Jill, I said in my newsletter they were acrylics!).
The paintings looked spectacular in the upstairs space. You have to go and take a look! Here’s a little taste:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Of course we bought a couple of bottles from Red Rooster too. The girl at the desk was so funny! Peter challenged her if she knew all the prices from the top of her head and she took him up on it; winning, of course…so no discount on the purchase…;-))

Then we took a nice walk along a part of the Kettle Valley Railway Trail, with spectacular views of Lake Okanagan. We also saw this little fellow, a Hoary Marmot, who tried to scare us away with loud screeches:

Hoary Marmot

Hoary Marmot at KVR Trail

Painted lunch

February 17, 2011

A while ago I invited 4 very good friends over for a potluck lunch and some painting activity. We had a lovely time and at lunch time everyone was admiring the cute napkins I had, with a bunch of roosters/chickens on them.

Linda, Judy, Carol & Margaret

One of the ladies, we now think it was Margaret, commented that we should each take a napkin and make some art with it. Then gather again in a month or so and do a little show and tell.
Good plan! Anything to get us painting, right?!

So fast-forward to last week, when we all met at Judy’s place. Same format: Judy had made some fabulous soups, there was salad, good bread, fruit and goodies.
Everyone brought their work and this is what we came up with:

By Margaret Phillips

By Judy Byer

By Thea Haubrich

By Carol Munro

By Linda Swales 1

By Linda Swales 2

Memento Mori, Thea Haubrich

For our next challenge Judy had a great selection of napkins for us to chose from.
It will probably take a while before everyone finishes her artwork, but expect neat stuff again!


Art in my kitchen

January 13, 2011

Now you know which paintings I have in my bedroom, let’s move on to the kitchen!
With moisture and fumes it might not be an ideal place for art, but the pieces hanging a good distance away from the stove and oven.

The first is a delicious 8×6 painting by Viv Lieskovsky: Medicine Bottles. She had it in one of the recent Leir House shows, where I bought it.

Viv Lieskovsky - Medicine Bottles

Viv Lieskovsky - Medicine Bottles

Then there is my own practice piece for the first RipOff challenge: Starry Night by Van Gogh in encaustic.

Thea Haubrich: Starry Night/Van Gogh

Thea Haubrich: Starry Night/Van Gogh

Next up is a wonderful water colour by Jill Leir-Salter, the grand-dame of painting wide skies and Okanagan landscapes. She had it in an exhibit in Naramata and I could not resist!

Jill Leir-Salter - Gathering Storm in the Okanagan

Jill Leir-Salter - Gathering Storm in the Okanagan

The last one in the kitchen is again an Okanagan scene, this time by Lynne Marand, active member of the South Okanagan Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists. This is the second piece we acquired from her; the other one, Serendipity, hangs in the hallway.

Lynne Marand - An Unobstructed View

Lynne Marand - An Unobstructed View

Lynne Marand - Serendipity

Lynne Marand - Serendipity