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Creative end spurt!

December 28, 2011

The week before Christmas got me into a creative frenzy! First I decided to make some small gift bags, to put little presents in like chocolates, soap, roasted nuts etc. Splitcoast Stampers had a lovely design, which I used with double-sided designer papers. You will find the instructions here. (not sure if you might have to sign up for the site, but it is certainly worth the trouble!)

Then I had a vision at night of my Zentangle drawings, combined with the crow images and couldn’t wait to try that out. I used 3x4x1.5 cradled wood panels, which were primed with encaustic gesso. The Zentangle drawings were glued on and coated with several layers of medium. The next step was adding the birds, partly transfer, partly painted with wax.

I really liked how they came out and sold all three as soon as I had posted them on Facebook!

Another project which I had put on the back burner was playing with my screen print set again. My profile picture used to be a screen print from an old photo, but now my hairstyle changed, so I’d wanted to get a new profile picture.
This is what I came up with: one of them is now the new profile picture.




















As the three small crow paintings sold so fast, I made another three, this time 6x6x1.5″. The middle one has already found a good home! The other ones are available from my fine art site. Just click the image.


More sales at the Lakeside!

November 13, 2011

Today was the second  Sunday of the Lobby Gallery at the Lakeside Resort and it was very busy indeed. At the same time Community Market was held in the ballroom, with many vendors, so lots of traffic through our area. Gay Ross sold her beautiful painting of the geese to a gentleman, who had visited her the week before and had left without buying it, but apparently couldn’t get it out of his head and had to come back for it!
I got to speak to many nice folks and did some demos.

Thanks for taking this nice picture, Barb!

Bill Hibberd was there also, painting a portrait of Bethany Handfield. I got some nice shots of him working:

Bill in action, with Bethany sitting unusually quiet...;-))

Very exciting was that I sold 4 paintings today! The first one was an 8×10″ matted work, painted with the iron.

Those Copper Hills

And then a lady bought “Rift”, plus my last two 3×4″ crow paintings!
Actually all of the crow paintings got lots of attention, as did “We Are Not Alone”, which I had displayed at the front of my table, and people could actually touch it. This painting is very textured and I know it is just soooo tempting to run your fingers over it, so I had a little sign saying: “It’s OK to touch the paintings, just don’t scratch them…;-))”

This is “Rift”, a painting I really loved doing and I’m glad it went to such a good home:

Thea Haubrich,Rift, 8x24, encaustic

And here is “We Are Not Alone”:

Thea Haubrich, We Are Not Alone, 16x20, mixed encaustic

Who knows, I might sell it next week…;-))


The morning after…

November 10, 2011

Well, it seemed there was one offending thing in the last painting and think I’ve corrected it. Can you see what I’ve done??
I might still coat the shellac parts with medium, to protect them, but the edges are already finished and I’ll drop it in its frame tomorrow!


Made one little change...what is it??

I also prepared a bunch of panels for future paintings with encaustic gesso and coated some small boards for students to use in a private collage class later this month.

Don't you love those pristine boards?!

More Hills & Trees

November 9, 2011

Finally some real studio time again! Yesterday I was preparing for the Nov. 12 Tissue Paper Techniques workshop and came up with some neat projects for the students to try out.

The offending painting....

Today I started fiddling with an older Hills & Trees painting, which I did not really like. It also sat in an ill-fitting frame, 3/4 ” instead of 1.5″, so it was sticking out: awkward! What was I thinking as I put it on display in one of our local wineries this summer….;-((

My first line of attack was covering the lower part of the painting with a good layer of wax, not very concerned about colours, as I was planning on using a different sheet of the chiyogami paper:

Looks pretty awful!

After collaging in the nice paper the colours of the sky were all wrong, so I had to come up with some alternative.

Some charcoal-coloured shellac to make the clouds more interesting

I wanted to emphasize the diagonal from the lower lefthand corner towards the tree. the paper has some lovely upside down tree shape just below my painted tree and I thought that could make for a nice composition.

So I painted with white, black and gold wax on top of the paper to get the shapes to pop: now I like it!

What do you think?? Suggested title : Connected

Then I started a new painting on one of the prepared 10×10 panels, again intending on using more of the chiyogami paper and the hills and trees theme.

Not sure if it’s finished; will take a critical look tomorrow morning….;-)

Suggestions welcome!

Hills & Trees

October 24, 2011

Ooops, almost a month since my last post….not good! Of course I could say that I’ve been painting non-stop and just did not have the time to switch on the computer, but that would be far from the truth…;-)
Sometimes  time just slips by and I should know better: each healthy day is too valuable to waste!

But I HAVE been painting lately; a while ago I bought 8 lovely frames at a sale at Opus, but they did not have the fitting 10×10 panels with a narrow cradle to go with them. So Don, the husband of my dear friend Carol Munro, came to the rescue and made me 8 beautiful panels. I wished I had taken a photograph as they were all bundled up together for the glue to dry! It looked like an alien space ship…;-)

My Hills & Trees series have been very successful and I love painting them, so that’s what these were going to be. So far I’ve finished three:

I also played around with the demo board from my collage workshop, which I taught last week in Kelowna: used a stencil to paint in the crow and some of my figure drawings as transfers:

Oh, and I almost forgot! I submitted two paintings for the juried FCA exhibition in Vancouver, “Small, Smaller, Smallest”, and BOTH were juried in! The first was another Hills & Trees painting and the second one is one of my current favourites, Collateral Damage:

Online Collages class with Linda Womack

September 7, 2011

Yesterday I had finally time to put Linda Womack’s new online lessons into practice and play a bit with my waxes! Linda recently started offering her teachings in video form. You can sign up for a course, watch the videos and ask her questions.

I love Linda’s teaching methods, attended her workshops in Portland, here in the Okanagan and at the Encaustic Conference, so I knew it must be good. And it was!

The videos are very clear, taken from great angles, so you can really see the wax surface and all that’s happening, and Linda explains everything fabulously. It was such fun to watch her throughout the whole project.

I did two little projects on claybord, using some images of birds, printed on computer paper, text from old letters from my father (who died as I was 15), an old photo from myself and my little brother, stamped images on tissue paper, some Japanese chiyogami papers, a piece of paper napkin and a couple of dried flowers & leaves.

More Basics: Flowers this time

April 27, 2011

After a rather busy weekend I was back in the studio today to re-visit some old instruction sheets. This time I found the write-up for my workshop Flowers.

Here are some of the images I did today. Mostly with the iron, with a bit of help from the stylus.

Dancing Pansies

Magnolia Study

Fantasy Flowers


Tulips in a Vase

More flowers in vases

I recently got a request for the tutorial on how to paint these flowers in a vase. Promised it LONG ago, but hope hubby has time tomorrow to shoot it while I paint. Another thing on my list is demoing working with stamps.
Don’t hold your breath, though….;-))

But I did paint the six images I promised for the last folks who had commented on the first post about the Basics. They will be in the mail tomorrow.

Day 2 of “Back to the Basics”

April 17, 2011

Hmmm, I was perhaps a bit quick to promise everyone who commented on the former post a painting….! As you can see below I got A LOT of comments and have been painting this afternoon to provide everyone with an image.

Of course, as we all know, second time round is always much more tricky, but I hope I came up with something suitable for each one of you.
I got several requests for a specific scene, which made it easier AND harder, if you know what I mean…;-))))

Caryle liked the snow:

Image 1

Snow scene for Caryle

Paula mentioned lotus flowers. I hope this is OK for her:

Image 2

Lotus flowers for Paula

These mountains are for Diane. They have some gold powder rubbed on to show the texture:

Image 3

Mountains for Diane

Heather’s daisies apparently were caught in a storm….

Image 4

Daisies for Heather

Image 5

How about an Okanagan scene for Jenny?

Image 6

And a sunset scene for Nina (the sky is very ORANGE in real life)

Image 7

These trees will go to Mary; lots of gold in this painting!

Image 8

Jan liked the simple flowers. Im sending it to Oliver, not to the States, OK?!

And the last one is for my dear friend Linda, who is a whiz in painting with just the 3 primary colours, so that is what I tried in this image as well:

Image 9

For Linda: blue, yellow and red

All images are the same size, 4×6″. The uprights just appear to be larger here on the blog.
I’ve got all of your addresses and now will think of a way to send the images safely to you. Might have to cut special cardstock sleeves for them…
It’s been great fun; thanks for your participation!

Working with photographs

March 20, 2011

Last December I had to cancel my workshop “Encaustic and Photographs”, but I now feel I might be able to schedule it again soon. I dug up my notes, rewrote the tutorial and did a couple of test pieces.

The first one was printed with my inkjet printer on heavy cardstock. I started colouring with coloured pencils, then coating with medium, using a brush. After fusing I added more colour with wax this time and finally rubbed the piece with copper magic powder, which sticks nicely to any texture, but this is hard to see on the photo!
The original photo was of a couple of birch tree trunks, but it has now a much more abstract feeling. I think I will get rid of some of the glaring green….

Encaustic on photo 1

The second photo was printed, again with my inkjet, on special paper: Arches Velin Museum Rag, which is a beautiful, smooth paper. I cranked up the colours a bit with a photo editor and by accident I printed the image twice, but it really was a nice effect, so I decided to run with it.
After printing the photo was dipped in a bath with medium and coloured with Panpastels. The Panpastels started to run and bead up beautifully while I was fusing, so I’m happy with this one. And I like the left side, next to the image, but could not get it to work so well on the right…;-(

Encaustic on photo 2

Encaustic on photo 2


The last one is a 4×6 photo printed on glossy paper.
I sanded the photo a bit, to make it more receptive to the wax, then coated it with medium. I rubbed several colours of alcohol ink over it, blending and lifting here and there to bring out the big flower to the right and the smaller one on the left.
In the lower left corner I added more medium and pressed some netting in the soft wax. After removing the netting the texture was enhanced with more alcohol ink.
The dark shading on the right is done with Panpastels.

Encaustic on photo 3

Encaustic on photo 3


I’ve prepared several other photos by gluing them on pieces of wood, so they are all ready for the workshop; now I just have to pick a date!

2011 RipOff project off to a good start

March 12, 2011

The RipOffs are a bunch of artists who get together once a year to copy a famous work by a well-known artist. We’ve been at it for four years, so this year, our fifth challenge, we wanted to make it a special one!
Speaking of challenge: try to get 10 head-strong artists to agree on one dead artist & one image….it takes several meetings, lots of coffee and goodies, provided by our great “clubhouse leader” Marion to come to a consensus (more or less!)

There is always groaning from a few artists, who lament “they would have NO CLUE how to implement this particular artwork in their own medium…And then, when you see their finished work afterward, it is always fabulous!


Grant Wood - American-Gothic

To lift the veil: for this year we have chosen the iconic image “American Gothic” by Grant Wood.

And that’s not all: every artist will choose a second famous artist and execute the work in his/her style.
So, you would get an American Gothic looking like a Picasso or a Van Gogh….

Of course I’ve been pondering which artist to use and decided on following a specific style, rather than one artist.
We have lived in Japan for 5 years and I was always fascinated by the beautiful woodblock prints. We have several books and a few original prints, so that’s going to be my inspiration!

Next hurdle: it might very well be that I will not be able to work during our studio week, which is from July 4 – 9, at the Quail’s nest Art Centre in Oliver, B.C.

My radiation treatments will probably start early July and then I have to drive to Kelowna every day. Luckily my fellow RipOffs are very understanding and said I could just try to get as much done beforehand, they would get everything set up and I would show up for the finale on Saturday.

Of course I’m hoping to convince the oncologist to start a bit later with my treatment, but just in case: I’ve started to work on my piece and did my initial drawing:

Nihon American Gothic

Nihon American Gothic

I’m pleased so far; now I still have to decide which size I’m going for and prepare my panel. The plan is to use original Japanese chiyogami paper embedded in the wax for the garments and perhaps real dried cherry blossoms in the background.

We will soon have our press release ready, but I do want to show you our fabulous poster, which was created by photographer RipOff Russell Work.

Please check out our RipOff website to see what we have been up to in previous years.