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More lucky winners!

December 29, 2011

In June this year I became a member of the Lake-to-Lake Studio Tour, a group of 11 artists and one small Penticton artist-run gallery. We promote our work together to try and get more interested art lovers inside our studios. It forced me to tidy up my space, take stock, price my work on a consistent basis and display the paintings in a pleasing manner.

Instantly the studio space became more attractive to work in, so that was a great added bonus, and I also found several long-lost pieces of art supplies, which were hiding in drawer corners! This was all very stimulating and I think it was one of the reasons why I finished so many paintings this year, despite the crippling chemo treatments.

And folks did come and visit! All in all almost 50! From their names Peter drew one and so Jaine B. from Kelowna will receive one of my recent works on paper:

With all those give-aways I can understand you as blog reader might get a bit envious, so there’s going to be one more present.  If you leave me a comment on my fine art site here, you qualify for the final draw! And this is the little painting:
Good luck!!


Creative end spurt!

December 28, 2011

The week before Christmas got me into a creative frenzy! First I decided to make some small gift bags, to put little presents in like chocolates, soap, roasted nuts etc. Splitcoast Stampers had a lovely design, which I used with double-sided designer papers. You will find the instructions here. (not sure if you might have to sign up for the site, but it is certainly worth the trouble!)

Then I had a vision at night of my Zentangle drawings, combined with the crow images and couldn’t wait to try that out. I used 3x4x1.5 cradled wood panels, which were primed with encaustic gesso. The Zentangle drawings were glued on and coated with several layers of medium. The next step was adding the birds, partly transfer, partly painted with wax.

I really liked how they came out and sold all three as soon as I had posted them on Facebook!

Another project which I had put on the back burner was playing with my screen print set again. My profile picture used to be a screen print from an old photo, but now my hairstyle changed, so I’d wanted to get a new profile picture.
This is what I came up with: one of them is now the new profile picture.




















As the three small crow paintings sold so fast, I made another three, this time 6x6x1.5″. The middle one has already found a good home! The other ones are available from my fine art site. Just click the image.

Somebody won a painting…

December 23, 2011

The Lobby Gallery at the Penticton Lakeside Resort has come to an end. I attended all 4 Sundays and found it a wonderful opportunity to present my artwork and meet new people.

Thanks again for signing up for my email list. I hope you will enjoy the monthly messages from the “world of wax”!

To express my gratitude I’m giving away one of my paintings. My husband picked a number and the person on my Lobby Gallery list with that number is the winner!

This is the painting (5.5 x 8″). It comes with a 10×12″ mat and is ready to drop into a standard frame.

 And the lucky person is…..Penny K.!

Congratulations, Penny! The painting will be in the mail to you next week!

Merry Christmas

and a Happy, healthy 2012!


P.S.: I really enjoy giving away stuff, so I’m also going to give away a painting to one of the people who signed my Studio Tour Guestbook this year!

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700 sheets of chiyogami paper!

December 1, 2011

In my series Hills & Trees I’ve been using chiyogami paper, a wonderful Japanese paper which I bought in Tokyo many years ago. Meanwhile my supply is quite low.

A friend alerted me that is giving away  one 8.5×11 sample sheet of each of the over 700 patterns they offer online! Imagine the paintings I could make with those….

I’ve entered their draw; please keep your fingers crossed for me!

Lakeside Lobby Gallery

November 1, 2011

Every Sunday in November, from 10 AM – 2 PM, the Penticton Lakeside Hotel will host a Lobby Gallery, inviting scores of local artists. I’ll be there too, with brand-new work, some older favourite paintings and small matted works on paper (easy to send in the mail!).
This is a fantastic chance to get a head-start on your Christmas presents and to put some original art under the tree for a loved one.

I’m also bringing a stack of beautiful hand-crafted Christmas cards, almost too special to send…;-)
They are done in a technique I will be teaching at the Christmas card workshop in December, using rubber stamps and outline stickers. Here are a few samples:

I’ll be giving away free bookmarks and if space permits I will do some demo’s too. Hope to see you there!

Day 2 of “Back to the Basics”

April 17, 2011

Hmmm, I was perhaps a bit quick to promise everyone who commented on the former post a painting….! As you can see below I got A LOT of comments and have been painting this afternoon to provide everyone with an image.

Of course, as we all know, second time round is always much more tricky, but I hope I came up with something suitable for each one of you.
I got several requests for a specific scene, which made it easier AND harder, if you know what I mean…;-))))

Caryle liked the snow:

Image 1

Snow scene for Caryle

Paula mentioned lotus flowers. I hope this is OK for her:

Image 2

Lotus flowers for Paula

These mountains are for Diane. They have some gold powder rubbed on to show the texture:

Image 3

Mountains for Diane

Heather’s daisies apparently were caught in a storm….

Image 4

Daisies for Heather

Image 5

How about an Okanagan scene for Jenny?

Image 6

And a sunset scene for Nina (the sky is very ORANGE in real life)

Image 7

These trees will go to Mary; lots of gold in this painting!

Image 8

Jan liked the simple flowers. Im sending it to Oliver, not to the States, OK?!

And the last one is for my dear friend Linda, who is a whiz in painting with just the 3 primary colours, so that is what I tried in this image as well:

Image 9

For Linda: blue, yellow and red

All images are the same size, 4×6″. The uprights just appear to be larger here on the blog.
I’ve got all of your addresses and now will think of a way to send the images safely to you. Might have to cut special cardstock sleeves for them…
It’s been great fun; thanks for your participation!