thea3Hello, my name is Thea Haubrich.
I live in British Columbia, Canada, near the city of Penticton – “A place to stay forever!”

Below you will find a bit of information about how I fell in love with encaustic.  If you want more information about the art form encaustic please visit my website.
You can view my latest paintings on my fine art site.

I was born in Rotterdam, Holland. My husband and I left Holland around 1980 and we lived in Vienna (where our son was born), Germany, Japan, Germany again and now Canada.
I followed a not very artistic path until my late 40’s, (calling it the “Dormant Phase”, LOL), acquiring all kinds of skills, which would suit me later in my networking; learning to type with 10 fingers being a very important one.
Around 1996 I was introduced to Encaustic. It was the “European way”, mainly using the painting iron on non-absorbent painting cards, and I recognized a huge potential in sharing an ancient art form, easy to learn with fast results, either as a fun craft or fine art and interacting with people at the same time.

As my husband and I decided to immigrate to Canada I saw my path as promoting Encaustic, giving workshops and networking to share as much knowledge as possible. This is what I do now: researching, learning, teaching, sharing, and networking.
As I started to teach, people commented that I had a natural talent of connecting, which surprised and delighted me!
Therefore I do not see myself as an artist: I’m a facilitator with a passion for creating with beeswax.

This approach/focus has served me well. I’ve created a large network of people interested in Encaustic, keeping them interested by organizing workshops & demos, exhibitions, writing newsletters and blogging on my social network on Ning

I am a member of several local Arts Councils and a proud RipOff Artist.

I was awarded Active Status with the Federation of Canadian Artists in 2008, which I hope will give Encaustic even more standing within the arts community here.

In 2009 I was asked to join the Board of the International Encaustic Artists (IEA) and was involved in creating their monthly newsletter.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Mazarine Says:

    Dear Thea,

    Thank you so much for being a true facilitator of encaustic community! I love your ning group!

    Encaustic artist & teacher in Austin, TX


    please tell how to connect with ning. i have be painting in encaustic, both europian and traditional for about 6 month, and love that a lot more than the computer. i am enjoying your site, i just discovered today.

    warm regards,

    jo hackenberg

  3. encausticcanada Says:

    Thanks for your message, Jo!
    To join the Ning site on Encaustic go to http://encausticart.ning.com/ and sign in. I will still have to approve your membership: a formality to keep spammers out!
    Hope to see you there soon, all best!

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