A Change of Pace

For the past four weeks we have made a small house in the jungle of Costa Rica our home. Two years ago we bought some land nearby and we wanted to experience how it felt to live in the tropics for a longer period.

I had not brought any encaustic waxes on this trip, but a nice5.5 x 8 “mixed media visual journal, a set of micro pens, graphite pencils, a small container with watercolour cakes and a set of highly pigmented water colour crayons.
My drawings became a combination of Zentangles work and water colour sketches, starting with pencil, then defining with the micropens and sometimes adding colour.
The pages of the journal were sturdy and took the watermedia very well.

The drawing below was inspired by some nice pattern on the back of a dining room chair in San Jose.

The change of pace has been very rewarding. Here we do not have internet, so days start with coffee and a big plate of fruits (the pineapples are amazing, both in size and taste!), sitting on our patio overlooking the forest. Almost immediately the show starts and we spot all kinds of exotic birds through our binoculars in the opposite trees: tucans, aracari, flycatchers, parrots, parakeets and even some Capuciner monkeys.
Peter was able to take some great shots, and I tried to draw the birds in my sketchbook.

Often we only heard their calls, and for lack of a visual, I created some bird species of my own!
Below is an annoying fellow, who started screeching around 4:30 AM, making all further sleep impossible (he competed there with the Howler Monkeys, which were so loud you could swear they were under the bedroom window!)
This one I called the Emerald-bearded 4:30 Nuisance.

And here is the Bouncing-Teakettle Bird, who’s call sounds just like its name; this guy must have amazing lungs!

Of course there was lots of scenery to enjoy too. We found this perfect little beach, not too far from the paved road, with tall trees lining the sand, where you could park your car, unload the folding chairs and just gaze over the ocean for hours (until the flood waters chased you away.

Before I left I’d done a short workshop with Kindrie Grove, were we talked a bit about perspective. As I spotted an old concrete railing I thought it would make a good challenge. What do you think??

We’ll be back in Canada soon, leaving this paradise behind, but I hope we can bring a bit of that Pura Vida with us to the great white north!


3 Responses to “A Change of Pace”

  1. Linda Swales Says:

    Thea, I love your drawings. Your bird names are very imaginative.
    Looking forward to your return.

  2. judy Says:

    Wonderful artwork! What a wonderful holiday you are having? Good for you. Hope to see you when you get back and maybe a class is in the works for me??? Never know. Enjoy the rest of your vacation and your art is very very good.

  3. sandy Says:

    Oh wow, Thea with all that you went through last year, this does sound like paradise!!! Thanks so much for sharing your drawings and piece of heaven with us.
    Glad to hear that you are returning to Canada, hopefully to the Okanagan region. I would like to take a class with you sometime in June/July. Could you please send me your email address?

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