More lucky winners!

In June this year I became a member of the Lake-to-Lake Studio Tour, a group of 11 artists and one small Penticton artist-run gallery. We promote our work together to try and get more interested art lovers inside our studios. It forced me to tidy up my space, take stock, price my work on a consistent basis and display the paintings in a pleasing manner.

Instantly the studio space became more attractive to work in, so that was a great added bonus, and I also found several long-lost pieces of art supplies, which were hiding in drawer corners! This was all very stimulating and I think it was one of the reasons why I finished so many paintings this year, despite the crippling chemo treatments.

And folks did come and visit! All in all almost 50! From their names Peter drew one and so Jaine B. from Kelowna will receive one of my recent works on paper:

With all those give-aways I can understand you as blog reader might get a bit envious, so there’s going to be one more present.  If you leave me a comment on my fine art site here, you qualify for the final draw! And this is the little painting:
Good luck!!


4 Responses to “More lucky winners!”

  1. Bill Says:

    Great idea Thea, and always fun to see your work develop.

  2. M. Kruse Says:

    Lucky Jaine B.! Either of these give-aways would be a real treasure for any lucky participant. Beautiful! No posted deadline so hope I am not to late to enter … regardless … all the best in 2012. You should be proud of all your accomplishment this year!!

    Take care and look forward to following your website in the New Year!! 🙂


  3. Thea Haubrich Says:

    Thanks, Bill and Mary!
    Re deadline for winning the tree painting: let’s say Jan. 6, 12 noon!

  4. Christophe Rivot (@CRivot) Says:

    Beautifl paintings, love it!

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