paintings. emotions. connections

Paintings can have a powerful way to evoke emotions, as I experienced yesterday during the third Sunday of the Lobby Gallery at the Lakeside Hotel.

Detail: We Are Not Alone

At the front of my table I had again displayed one of my latest paintings, We Are Not Alone, this time with a spotlight directed at it.  The light really brought out the textured  surface and the painting got lots of attention. Some people suggested another orientation and we had a lot of fun turning the painting upside down (looked quite good), or sideways, which was less flattering.

At one point a lady stopped and looked long at the painting; she seemed lost in thought, so I waited a bit with approaching to greet her. She then told me that the painting made her think of the gold rush, which took her back to the Yukon, where she came from.
Many years ago she had come to the Okanagan , on accord of some bad circumstances, leaving behind all friends and family. She then revealed to me she had been a victim of the Canadian Indian Residential School system, which  was intended to force the assimilation of the Aboriginal peoples in Canada into European-Canadian society. The purpose of the schools, which separated children from their families, has been described as cultural genocide or “killing the Indian in the child.”

She now was an advocate for the victims and shared her story through lectures to make people aware of the wronged indigenous people.

This all came pouring out her, because my painting had connected with her….we both were amazed at the intensity of our emotions and embraced as she left.
Bella, you made a big impression on me, thanks for sharing your story on accord of my painting!

On a lighter note: although I did not sell any paintings yesterday, I had great fun talking to everyone who stopped at my table. Carol brought over several people, who had seen her display, to introduce me to them as “the teacher”.

And at the very end of the show Barb Hofer and I exchanged a painting, so technically we both sold a painting!

This is the beautiful painting I got:

Barb Hofer, Similkameen Symphony, 14x18

In exchange Barb took one of my latest Hills & Trees paintings:

Thea Haubrich, Connected, 12x12


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9 Responses to “paintings. emotions. connections”

  1. Bill Says:

    Great story Thea!

  2. Judy Says:

    Loved the story Thea. Unfortunately, can’t see any of the pictures as they are not displaying for me. Wish I could see them.

  3. Thea Haubrich Says:

    Thanks, Bill and Judy!
    @ Judy: how strange that you cannot see the images….perhaps a wrong setting on your PC?

  4. Anna M. Wolleben Says:

    Oh Thea, your posts are always sooooo interesting! Such a highlight of my day to read them! Thanks!

  5. Bill Says:

    Thea, Would you be available to sit for a portrait any day next week?

  6. Fran Says:

    Absolutely wonderful Thea. And its the ultimate in my mind when we can touch someone with our creations.

    • COLLEEN Says:

      You know, the more I look at this with the microscope the more I like it. Very Asian in appearance. The little eggs at the bottom right. Your best work, love it.

  7. Hetty Says:

    Hoi Thea,

    Geniet samen met Peter van de mooie tijd samen.

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