New! 8 small paintings + 4 little treasure chests

During the Lobby Gallery show at the Lakeside I painted a whole stack of small paintings as demos and some turned out quite well. Nice enough to put in a mat and cellophane sleeve; now they look like a million bucks!

The 4 little treasure chests are 7x5x3″ wooden boxes, which I decorated with encaustic. Each one is a painting by itself, don’t you think? I want to sell them at the next Lakeside show. Now, how to price them…??!


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Isn’t that nice? I just discovered this slideshow function on wordpress!



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6 Responses to “New! 8 small paintings + 4 little treasure chests”

  1. Linda Swales Says:

    Thea, they are all lovely.
    I love the boxes. You never cease to amaze me.

  2. Maria Varga-Hansen Says:

    It’s nice! I made also some boxes, the same way, with encaustic, and I had also the trouble with the pricing, because the people can’t imagine how much work is behind (honestly said: I could sell only some, small pieces from them…)
    Good luck to you, Thea! 🙂 Mari

  3. Patt Scrivener (@passionate4art) Says:

    Lovely Thea. The boxes are special-where did you find them? Are they paper mache?

  4. Thea Haubrich Says:

    Thanks, Linda, glad you like them! Mari, your boxes are wonderful! If mine don’t sell I might give them away for Christmas….;-))
    Patt, I have had the boxes for a long time. I think I had bought them at Canadian Tire…they are made of thin ply wood.
    P.S.: Just saw the bag they came in: I apparently got them at Home Hardware!

  5. Jyl O'Neal Says:

    You have such a wonderful imagination, Thea. I just love the little boxes. Did you coat them with anything before applying the wax? May I ask the size and what you sell them for? Really lovely.

  6. Thea Haubrich Says:

    Thanks, Jyl! The boxes are 7x5x3″ and I priced them at $80.00, which might be a bit high, so I think I will reconsider…;-)
    The one with the turquoise stones went to our daughter-in-law for Christmas. She loves turquoise!

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