The morning after…

Well, it seemed there was one offending thing in the last painting and think I’ve corrected it. Can you see what I’ve done??
I might still coat the shellac parts with medium, to protect them, but the edges are already finished and I’ll drop it in its frame tomorrow!


Made one little change...what is it??

I also prepared a bunch of panels for future paintings with encaustic gesso and coated some small boards for students to use in a private collage class later this month.

Don't you love those pristine boards?!


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2 Responses to “The morning after…”

  1. kassandra333 Says:

    Along the left edge? You removed the horizontal line? The piece is beautiful!

  2. Thea Haubrich Says:

    Yep! That’s it! The narrow leaf coming up from below was “kissing” the skyline and I found it distracting. And also now you don’t glide right out of the painting from the left hill, because of the added tiny bump!
    Thanks for liking the painting; it was fun to do.

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