Making medium

Today Mindy and Mandy came over from Naramata to make medium. I usually do that on my kitchen stove, but decided we would have more space down in my studio (after I had cleaned off my work table, that is!). So I bought a little double burner and got everything ready for them: fine granulated beeswax, damar resin crystals, a little scale, small sieve with cheesecloth and some containers.

Supplies for making medium

Here's my new burner + the handy-dandy silicone muffin molds

I did a quick test-run before they arrived and noticed that the burner was much hotter than my stove-top burner. The wax melted really fast, then the damar and even after trying to get the temperature down with extra cold beeswax I had to take the pot off the heat source to stay safe. ALWAYS use a candy thermometer when you do this!
I did open the window and ran the fan, so eventual fumes were sucked out of the room.

Mindy cooking up some medium

Mandy wanted to make a mixture with a higher ratio of damar (5:1, instead of the 8:1 we were doing) and as we tried to melt this larger amount of damar the mixture really foamed up. After adding more beeswax the foam disappeared again.

Foam on medium mixture

They went home with a whole bag full of medium pucks!

Now I’m all set up in the studio for the medium making I think I will offer small classes of a maximum 4 people to make your own medium. Let me know when you’re interested!


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One Response to “Making medium”

  1. Diane Bailey-Haug Says:

    That’s almost how I do it except I use a large electric skillet. It holds 5 pounds of beeswax. I start with the damar adding a little beeswax at a time. Works great. Usually do it in the kitchen or garage. Wish I had a batch made up right now. Thanks for posting!

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