Marketing morning at IEA Retreat

Sunday morning was reserved for all kinds of marketing info: I attended Photographing your Work (Paul Bogardus), How to bring your art to video (Aaron Kelly) and PR/Media/Workshops/Festivals (Robyn Anderson, Judy Wise.
Only a few pictures:

Outdoor setup to photograph your painting

From the excellent talk about packing/shipping

Over lunch the Canadian retreaters got together to brainstorm over a possible Canadian chapter. Stay tuned for more info on that later.

Just before heading home Bethany, Shary and I visited the Encaustic Masters show again. Here are some more photos:

Judy Wise

Bridget's piece: sold!

We had a good ride back to Ellensburg and stayed in the same hotel as on the way out. Bethany was dying to get some real Mexican food and we found a great place.

Mexican restaurant in Ellensburg

More Mexican decor!

...and, just for Linda: our Chicken Enchiladas !

The next day we left really early (about 7:30 AM!) and stopped at Dry Falls, which is a 3.5 mile long scalloped precipice in central Washington, on the opposite side of the Upper Grand Coulee from the Columbia River, and at the head of the Lower Grand Coulee. Ten times the size of Niagara, Dry Falls is thought to be the greatest known waterfall that ever existed.

Dry Falls

At the Canadian border the officer really wondered how on earth we could have spend over $600.00 between us on art supplies, but we explained that we would have bought much more, if only our credit card had allowed us….;-))
Then it started to rain as we entered BC and by the time we were in Kaleden it really poured, with an ugly wind. This is not how I remembered the Okanagan!
A quick, wet good-bye, and our fabulous trip came to an end.



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3 Responses to “Marketing morning at IEA Retreat”

  1. Linda Swales Says:

    You did not disappoint. Another food photo.
    Lovely art work as well.

  2. Sharon-Margret Says:

    First of all Thea, I just want to say I love your hair. Wish mine were that colour…

    That photo of Mexican food looks soooo goood! Wish we had a retreat for that here in Canada….


  3. Thea Haubrich Says:

    Thanks so much, Sharon-Margret! I’m getting used to it now…;-)
    Perhaps we will have a retreat some day here in Canada; a bunch of us are forming the Canadian Chapter of IEA. Will write a post on it soon!

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