Demo Day at 2011 IEA Retreat

Saturday was a full day of hands-on demos. Each participant of the retreat could sign up to sit in at one demo and work at that particular project, then you could move on to watch the other demos.
At the same time the vendors had set up at one end of the room, so it was all quite hectic and loud, but there was an immense amount of information going around, so everyone just dived in and enjoyed the melee…;-))

Here are some pictures:

Yummy stuff from EncausticSupplies out of Portland

Kathryn and Mike from Enkaustikos, chatting with Melinda

Ingredients to make your own cold wax

Mixing cold wax paint

Set up for making monoprints, with neat little anodized plates from R&F!

Karl Kaiser's boards with 30-60 layers of wax, ready for carving

Attentive audience at Karl's work space, with balls of wax in the foreground

Ellen Koment demonstrates working with graphite powder on wax surface

Peter Rossing from Muse Art & Design about What's new in encaustic.



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5 Responses to “Demo Day at 2011 IEA Retreat”

  1. Randi Harper Says:

    Great shots!! Good to meet you!

  2. Jan Whitebear Says:

    That looks like SO MUCH FUN! I am going to have to go over to Portland and check out that Encaustic Supplies place since I only live right across the river from there now!


  3. Thea Haubrich Says:

    Likewise, Randi!! We had a grand time indeed….
    @Jan, the guys at Muse Art and Design are SUPER nice; say hello to them from me!

  4. Joanne Says:

    Dying to take a course in Encaustic Art !! Can’t seem to find anyone here in Montreal that gives the course. Do you know of anyone that gives the course in Montreal Quebec or in the surrounding area?? Joanne.

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