First full retreat day

Well, we definitely had a better sleep last night! Must have been due to extra glasses of wine, the soak in the huge saltwater hot pool, AND the fact we closed the window this time…

Yesterday was a great day with presentations. I’ll write later a bit more about the topics, but for now will just upload some pictures, for we want to get breakfast soon!

Bethany acting as the inquisitive fairy from her hide-out...

Food for the restaurant is grown in the local garden!

Some paintings from the painting exchange; ours are at the top.

More paintings to drool over!

Manuella, Melinda and Robin honored for their hard work

Diane Erickson and our lovely roommate Pat Holton at the banquet

Here is Diane with Chantel Greene

...and littl'old me with gorgeous Bethany!

Sorry, no pictures from our soak in the hot pool…;-))


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2 Responses to “First full retreat day”

  1. Linda Swales Says:

    What, no pictures of the food. You are slipping. Love the photos and I am looking forward to hearing all about your time there.

  2. Thea Haubrich Says:

    I know, Linda, life got to be soooo hectic! We’re back now and I will post some more stuff soon. We sure did have an incredible time!!

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