Portland: here we come!

Here we are, just before leaving Kaleden, in front of a pretty full car. What on earth IS all that stuff?? We’re only gone for 5 days….

Two happy girls, ready for take-off!

We got held up at the border a bit, because I had forgotten to fill out the visa waiver papers (life is more complicated if you have a Dutch passport!). Bethany waited patiently until all my fingerprints were taken and then we entered the States.

After a beautiful drive (sorry, no pictures!) we arrived in the vibrant city of Ellensburg and found our hotel right away, just before dinner time.
This is what we got:

This was Bethany's SIDE dish, a salad wedgie.....

…and I got the Chef’s salad (almost Paleo, not counting the cheese and dressing, and I did not eat the bread).

Lots of protein...

After dinner we took a short walk and encountered what must be the world’s most expensive Sundaes:

Sorry, no picture of the actual treat...

We both got a nice tea from Starbucks and retreated to our room.
Talk to you tomorrow!



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One Response to “Portland: here we come!”

  1. Linda Swales Says:

    Love the food pictures, seems to be a theme.

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