Getting ready for our road trip!

Two more sleeps, and Bethany and I will be on our way to the IEA Retreat in Portland! I’m getting ready by using my netbook to write this blog post, so it feels comfortable to use again. As Carol Munro and I went to the Encaustic Conference in Montserrat last year I managed to blog in the evening and share my pictures.
The intention is there: just hope there will be enough time to blog!

We are supposed to each bring a pound of medium, so yesterday I made 4 pounds from the new Swans Candles wax. Great stuff!

Everybody should bring a small painting for the painting exchange. I’ll take one from my 36″ A Day in May project from last year: It’s called My Canada:
Also on the list: some non-encaustic item. I decided on my favourite scraping tool, (it’s actually used for Japanese doll-making!) and some scrapies with rubber tips to work in soft wax. Great for mono print making. I’m also going to take my Aqua waxes, which I got from Michael Bossom.

The car has been checked and the navigation system programmed; we will leave on Wednesday afternoon, overnight in Ellensburg and drive on to Portland (Troutdale) the next day. I can hardly wait!

Stay tuned for updates in the coming days.




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6 Responses to “Getting ready for our road trip!”

  1. Jennifer Vincent Says:

    Have a wonderful trip, Thea!

  2. Thea Says:

    Thanks, Jenny! How’s Arthur doing??

  3. Anna M. Wolleben Says:

    Hi Thea, enjoy every minute of your trip and drive safe! Thinking of you!

  4. Judy Shreve Says:

    Have a great trip! Looking forward to your ‘retreat’ posts.

  5. Nancy Spencer Says:

    Welcome to my city!! Have a great trip. The weather is going to be perfect here for you stay!! Clear sunny sky and 75 F – 80 F.

  6. Judy Byer Says:

    Hi Thea. Have lots of fun on your adventure. Looking forward to all the new things you have to share!!

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