Red Dots!

The turnout at the opening of  UNTANGLED yesterday evening was fantastic! Even with all that’s going on in town right now, people took the time to drop by and view our paintings. Thanks so much for everyone for coming; it meant a lot to us.

And what is even better: between Bethany and myself we sold 6 pieces!
There are still lots of nice paintings available, though, so come take a look if you could not make the opening.
Leir House is open Mo – Fr: 10 Am – 4 PM.
Below are some pictures of the evening, which my husband Peter took.

This is in the main lounge

It was practically CROWDED in the foyer!

The refreshments, and more art, were set up in the board room.

While chatting with Mike I apparently became distracted....

...and again, as I was supposed to be posing with Bethany (doesn't she look gorgeous?!)

That's better!!

Sharing a happy moment with Carol

Bethany with her parents. The painting behind them sold!


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2 Responses to “Red Dots!”

  1. Jennifer Vincent Says:

    It was a wonderful opening night! I’m sure more red dots will appear over the course of the exhibition!
    Congratulations to you and Bethany!

  2. Thea Haubrich Says:

    Thanks, Jennifer! It was lovely to see you and Nick there, and meeting Arthur!

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