Online Collages class with Linda Womack

Yesterday I had finally time to put Linda Womack’s new online lessons into practice and play a bit with my waxes! Linda recently started offering her teachings in video form. You can sign up for a course, watch the videos and ask her questions.

I love Linda’s teaching methods, attended her workshops in Portland, here in the Okanagan and at the Encaustic Conference, so I knew it must be good. And it was!

The videos are very clear, taken from great angles, so you can really see the wax surface and all that’s happening, and Linda explains everything fabulously. It was such fun to watch her throughout the whole project.

I did two little projects on claybord, using some images of birds, printed on computer paper, text from old letters from my father (who died as I was 15), an old photo from myself and my little brother, stamped images on tissue paper, some Japanese chiyogami papers, a piece of paper napkin and a couple of dried flowers & leaves.


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3 Responses to “Online Collages class with Linda Womack”

  1. Judy Shreve Says:

    Thea – these are great! I love the colors and the composition. Wasn’t the class wonderful? You are right – the videos were clear and the instructions easy to understand.

  2. Anna Wolleben Says:

    I like both pieces a lot, especially the incorporated letter from your father in the first one and the African touch in the second one! I have to take a look at the collage classes! Hugs from SA!

  3. Thea Haubrich Says:

    Thanks, Judy and Anna! Yes, the class was great and I’m certainly going to sign up for more. It’s the next best thing to being with Linda in person! It would be perfect for you, Anna! All the way from South Africa….;-))

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