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Marketing morning at IEA Retreat

September 28, 2011

Sunday morning was reserved for all kinds of marketing info: I attended Photographing your Work (Paul Bogardus), How to bring your art to video (Aaron Kelly) and PR/Media/Workshops/Festivals (Robyn Anderson, Judy Wise.
Only a few pictures:

Outdoor setup to photograph your painting

From the excellent talk about packing/shipping

Over lunch the Canadian retreaters got together to brainstorm over a possible Canadian chapter. Stay tuned for more info on that later.

Just before heading home Bethany, Shary and I visited the Encaustic Masters show again. Here are some more photos:

Judy Wise

Bridget's piece: sold!

We had a good ride back to Ellensburg and stayed in the same hotel as on the way out. Bethany was dying to get some real Mexican food and we found a great place.

Mexican restaurant in Ellensburg

More Mexican decor!

...and, just for Linda: our Chicken Enchiladas !

The next day we left really early (about 7:30 AM!) and stopped at Dry Falls, which is a 3.5 mile long scalloped precipice in central Washington, on the opposite side of the Upper Grand Coulee from the Columbia River, and at the head of the Lower Grand Coulee. Ten times the size of Niagara, Dry Falls is thought to be the greatest known waterfall that ever existed.

Dry Falls

At the Canadian border the officer really wondered how on earth we could have spend over $600.00 between us on art supplies, but we explained that we would have bought much more, if only our credit card had allowed us….;-))
Then it started to rain as we entered BC and by the time we were in Kaleden it really poured, with an ugly wind. This is not how I remembered the Okanagan!
A quick, wet good-bye, and our fabulous trip came to an end.



Demo Day at 2011 IEA Retreat

September 26, 2011

Saturday was a full day of hands-on demos. Each participant of the retreat could sign up to sit in at one demo and work at that particular project, then you could move on to watch the other demos.
At the same time the vendors had set up at one end of the room, so it was all quite hectic and loud, but there was an immense amount of information going around, so everyone just dived in and enjoyed the melee…;-))

Here are some pictures:

Yummy stuff from EncausticSupplies out of Portland

Kathryn and Mike from Enkaustikos, chatting with Melinda

Ingredients to make your own cold wax

Mixing cold wax paint

Set up for making monoprints, with neat little anodized plates from R&F!

Karl Kaiser's boards with 30-60 layers of wax, ready for carving

Attentive audience at Karl's work space, with balls of wax in the foreground

Ellen Koment demonstrates working with graphite powder on wax surface

Peter Rossing from Muse Art & Design about What's new in encaustic.


First full retreat day

September 24, 2011

Well, we definitely had a better sleep last night! Must have been due to extra glasses of wine, the soak in the huge saltwater hot pool, AND the fact we closed the window this time…

Yesterday was a great day with presentations. I’ll write later a bit more about the topics, but for now will just upload some pictures, for we want to get breakfast soon!

Bethany acting as the inquisitive fairy from her hide-out...

Food for the restaurant is grown in the local garden!

Some paintings from the painting exchange; ours are at the top.

More paintings to drool over!

Manuella, Melinda and Robin honored for their hard work

Diane Erickson and our lovely roommate Pat Holton at the banquet

Here is Diane with Chantel Greene

...and littl'old me with gorgeous Bethany!

Sorry, no pictures from our soak in the hot pool…;-))

First night in Troutdale

September 23, 2011

It’s 7 AM and I’m already showered and dressed…we have a great room, but the bathroom is in the hall and we got up really early to beat the crowds! Did no get much sleep though…very loud, both inside and out, and much light from outside lamps.

Here are some pictures from our trip, McMenamin hotel and the exhibit opening:


Huge windmills and rolling hills

One corner of our room!

Eileen in front of her paintings

Ellen Koment's beautiful work

…and Bethany says “Hello” too!!!





Portland: here we come!

September 21, 2011

Here we are, just before leaving Kaleden, in front of a pretty full car. What on earth IS all that stuff?? We’re only gone for 5 days….

Two happy girls, ready for take-off!

We got held up at the border a bit, because I had forgotten to fill out the visa waiver papers (life is more complicated if you have a Dutch passport!). Bethany waited patiently until all my fingerprints were taken and then we entered the States.

After a beautiful drive (sorry, no pictures!) we arrived in the vibrant city of Ellensburg and found our hotel right away, just before dinner time.
This is what we got:

This was Bethany's SIDE dish, a salad wedgie.....

…and I got the Chef’s salad (almost Paleo, not counting the cheese and dressing, and I did not eat the bread).

Lots of protein...

After dinner we took a short walk and encountered what must be the world’s most expensive Sundaes:

Sorry, no picture of the actual treat...

We both got a nice tea from Starbucks and retreated to our room.
Talk to you tomorrow!


Getting ready for our road trip!

September 19, 2011

Two more sleeps, and Bethany and I will be on our way to the IEA Retreat in Portland! I’m getting ready by using my netbook to write this blog post, so it feels comfortable to use again. As Carol Munro and I went to the Encaustic Conference in Montserrat last year I managed to blog in the evening and share my pictures.
The intention is there: just hope there will be enough time to blog!

We are supposed to each bring a pound of medium, so yesterday I made 4 pounds from the new Swans Candles wax. Great stuff!

Everybody should bring a small painting for the painting exchange. I’ll take one from my 36″ A Day in May project from last year: It’s called My Canada:
Also on the list: some non-encaustic item. I decided on my favourite scraping tool, (it’s actually used for Japanese doll-making!) and some scrapies with rubber tips to work in soft wax. Great for mono print making. I’m also going to take my Aqua waxes, which I got from Michael Bossom.

The car has been checked and the navigation system programmed; we will leave on Wednesday afternoon, overnight in Ellensburg and drive on to Portland (Troutdale) the next day. I can hardly wait!

Stay tuned for updates in the coming days.



Red Dots!

September 9, 2011

The turnout at the opening of  UNTANGLED yesterday evening was fantastic! Even with all that’s going on in town right now, people took the time to drop by and view our paintings. Thanks so much for everyone for coming; it meant a lot to us.

And what is even better: between Bethany and myself we sold 6 pieces!
There are still lots of nice paintings available, though, so come take a look if you could not make the opening.
Leir House is open Mo – Fr: 10 Am – 4 PM.
Below are some pictures of the evening, which my husband Peter took.

This is in the main lounge

It was practically CROWDED in the foyer!

The refreshments, and more art, were set up in the board room.

While chatting with Mike I apparently became distracted....

...and again, as I was supposed to be posing with Bethany (doesn't she look gorgeous?!)

That's better!!

Sharing a happy moment with Carol

Bethany with her parents. The painting behind them sold!

Online Collages class with Linda Womack

September 7, 2011

Yesterday I had finally time to put Linda Womack’s new online lessons into practice and play a bit with my waxes! Linda recently started offering her teachings in video form. You can sign up for a course, watch the videos and ask her questions.

I love Linda’s teaching methods, attended her workshops in Portland, here in the Okanagan and at the Encaustic Conference, so I knew it must be good. And it was!

The videos are very clear, taken from great angles, so you can really see the wax surface and all that’s happening, and Linda explains everything fabulously. It was such fun to watch her throughout the whole project.

I did two little projects on claybord, using some images of birds, printed on computer paper, text from old letters from my father (who died as I was 15), an old photo from myself and my little brother, stamped images on tissue paper, some Japanese chiyogami papers, a piece of paper napkin and a couple of dried flowers & leaves.

Hanging “Untangled”

September 4, 2011

Today Bethany Handfield and I put up the paintings for our joined show “Untangled” at Leir House Cultural Centre in Penticton. We had expert help from Bethany’s friends Tim and Michael and my husband Peter.

While Tim was busy hanging paintings....

...Michael and Peter took time for a little chat!

And here is Bethany, polishing her painting to a fine shine.

Both of us are not used to working large, so I must say I never thought we would pull it off to incorporate all those smaller paintings in the show. But we were able to make use of the wonderful old bookcase and I think that display looks spectacular.

Hanging two paintings on a chain was another option, but tricky, while the top painting usually tended to be very crooked. Michael found the perfect solution and managed to get them all to look presentable.

Left: Bethany, right: mine

Two happy gals in front of their paintings! (Photo Tim Tweed)

Please come and celebrate the opening of the show with us on Thursday, September 8, from 7 PM!!

Poster designed by Tim Tweed!