RipOff 2011 – Continued

After the white wax on the samurai’s face had hardened I transferred the drawing again and started gauging the lines with a blunt stylus.The black lines you see here are still the charcoal drawing. Where the lines appear white I have scratched out the wax to fill with black wax.

Here I started filling the recessed areas with black wax using a small brush, but as I tried to scrape off the excess wax to reveal the lines I got into trouble. The wax layer underneath was too thin and uneven and it got real messy…

So I tried a different approach (it’s all about those challenges!) and filled the lines using the heated stylus with the brush head, which I had pressed flat. That worked much better!

After a lot of scraping and filling I was happy with the result. The original Japanese prints do have these black outlines as well, so it’s going to look great, I think.

Originally I meant to collage in the garments of the figures, using Japanese chiyogami paper, but I changed my mind. Instead I painted the garment of the samurai a nice rich blue wax and will create a pattern when the surface has hardened out a bit. Bethany gave me a fantastic idea on how to go about it…;-)
And I will still use some of those papers for accents.

So this is how my Nihon American Gothic looks right now….stay tuned!



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