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RipOffs 2011: American Gothic Finals.

July 25, 2011

I still owe you the final creations from our RipOff week. This is how the pieces looked by 3 PM on the last day, July 9.

Salvador Dali - aka Russell Work

Len Norris - aka Leo Pedersen

Amedeo Modigliani - aka Enid Baker

Frida Kahlo - aka Marion Trimble

Gustav Klimt - aka Dianne Birnie

Hildegard of Bingen - aka JoAnn Turner

Pablo Picasso - aka Terry Irvine

Alexander Calder - aka Kurt Hutterli

Erica de Ruiter - aka Barbara Levant

Katsushika Hokusai - aka Thea Haubrich

And here is the original American Gothic again, by Grant Wood:

American Gothic by Grant Wood


Finale RipOffs 2011: American Gothic

July 20, 2011

This is how my piece developed over the week:

At this stage it felt all wrong! Too much colour in the guy and the dark collar on the geisha was way too harsh! Also the white pattern on the blue kimono was too much of a contrast.

Here many of those issues have been addressed and it looks much better in my opinion.

This is how it looked around closing time on Saturday. The dried cherry blossoms have been collaged in. I might change the colour of the hilt of the sword a bit later, as I feel it is too bright.

Here are we, all together, after a job well done!
More pictures of the final day in this Picasa Webalbum.

RipOff 2011 – Continued

July 3, 2011

After the white wax on the samurai’s face had hardened I transferred the drawing again and started gauging the lines with a blunt stylus.The black lines you see here are still the charcoal drawing. Where the lines appear white I have scratched out the wax to fill with black wax.

Here I started filling the recessed areas with black wax using a small brush, but as I tried to scrape off the excess wax to reveal the lines I got into trouble. The wax layer underneath was too thin and uneven and it got real messy…

So I tried a different approach (it’s all about those challenges!) and filled the lines using the heated stylus with the brush head, which I had pressed flat. That worked much better!

After a lot of scraping and filling I was happy with the result. The original Japanese prints do have these black outlines as well, so it’s going to look great, I think.

Originally I meant to collage in the garments of the figures, using Japanese chiyogami paper, but I changed my mind. Instead I painted the garment of the samurai a nice rich blue wax and will create a pattern when the surface has hardened out a bit. Bethany gave me a fantastic idea on how to go about it…;-)
And I will still use some of those papers for accents.

So this is how my Nihon American Gothic looks right now….stay tuned!