RipOff 2011 – transferring the main drawing

In order to be able to transfer the drawing of the two figures onto the panel I needed to trace them on the back of the paper with charcoal. The easiest way seemed to me to tape the drawing to our patio door window, so I had a good view of the image through the paper.

The next step was to place the drawing, charcoal marks face down, on the panel and burnish the lines onto the wax surface. This worked really well. The lines transferred beautifully and hardly smudged.
The only thing was that part of  the samurai’s face was green from the mountains behind….I needed a smooth white surface to be able to get the features right. Now what?!

I decided to scrape off the charcoal lines in his face and paint in a layer of white paint, which I carefully fused flat.
As I was applying the white wax I also dry-brushed the shapes of the cherry tree canopies in. I coloured them with pink PanPastel and will later add some darker tone to create depth.
After applying the pale pink the colour of the pagoda really did not look very good, so I changed the colour to a warm red, again by brushing PanPastel on.
This is how it looks now:

It is certainly all still very coarse, and shapes or colours might still change, but I feel I’m on the right track!


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2 Responses to “RipOff 2011 – transferring the main drawing”

  1. judy Says:

    This is going to be so awesome Thea! I can hardly wait to see it all finished. It is wonderful that you are posting how you are making your artwork, interesting watching it all come together . I hope that I can make it next Saturday and see your artwork in person and you too I hope!

  2. Thea Haubrich Says:

    Thanks, Judy! I’m so glad you enjoy the postings. Would love to see you next Saturday!

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