RipOff 2011 – next step

My original idea was to use Japanese chiyogami papers to create the garments of the geisha and the samurai. These are some of the papers I bought in Tokyo many years ago:

Below you can see how it looks a bit like a puzzle, with all the loose pieces of paper! (This was before I had painted the pagoda in).

Now I’m thinking of painting the garments in wax, at least the large pieces, and then layer in some smaller pieces of the paper. The problem with large papers is that air gets easily trapped beneath them, which would make for bad adherence. I’m also not sure how to render the faces; I want them to be crisp and smooth, like in the original woodblock prints….
Lots of creative decisions to make. It’s a challenge every year!


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2 Responses to “RipOff 2011 – next step”

  1. Judy Wood Says:

    Doing a black wax inlay technique should work for the linear parts of the faces (and elsewhere too for that matter). What a great project!

  2. Thea Haubrich Says:

    Yep! That’s what I’m planning to do, Judy! Just hope the layers are thick enough for gouging and filling…

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