More Basics: Flowers this time

After a rather busy weekend I was back in the studio today to re-visit some old instruction sheets. This time I found the write-up for my workshop Flowers.

Here are some of the images I did today. Mostly with the iron, with a bit of help from the stylus.

Dancing Pansies

Magnolia Study

Fantasy Flowers


Tulips in a Vase

More flowers in vases

I recently got a request for the tutorial on how to paint these flowers in a vase. Promised it LONG ago, but hope hubby has time tomorrow to shoot it while I paint. Another thing on my list is demoing working with stamps.
Don’t hold your breath, though….;-))

But I did paint the six images I promised for the last folks who had commented on the first post about the Basics. They will be in the mail tomorrow.


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4 Responses to “More Basics: Flowers this time”

  1. Caryle Says:

    Love the dancing flowers and the Fantasy flowers.. Both of those are my favorites.

  2. judy Says:

    beautiful flowers Thea. Judy

  3. carol shelly Says:

    Thanks Thea for the tutorial -Tulips in a Vase

  4. M. Kruse Says:

    Love the pansies! Beautiful. Is there a chance of a demo in the future?
    Truly appreciate the website and all the valuable info you post.
    Take care,


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