Day 2 of “Back to the Basics”

Hmmm, I was perhaps a bit quick to promise everyone who commented on the former post a painting….! As you can see below I got A LOT of comments and have been painting this afternoon to provide everyone with an image.

Of course, as we all know, second time round is always much more tricky, but I hope I came up with something suitable for each one of you.
I got several requests for a specific scene, which made it easier AND harder, if you know what I mean…;-))))

Caryle liked the snow:

Image 1

Snow scene for Caryle

Paula mentioned lotus flowers. I hope this is OK for her:

Image 2

Lotus flowers for Paula

These mountains are for Diane. They have some gold powder rubbed on to show the texture:

Image 3

Mountains for Diane

Heather’s daisies apparently were caught in a storm….

Image 4

Daisies for Heather

Image 5

How about an Okanagan scene for Jenny?

Image 6

And a sunset scene for Nina (the sky is very ORANGE in real life)

Image 7

These trees will go to Mary; lots of gold in this painting!

Image 8

Jan liked the simple flowers. Im sending it to Oliver, not to the States, OK?!

And the last one is for my dear friend Linda, who is a whiz in painting with just the 3 primary colours, so that is what I tried in this image as well:

Image 9

For Linda: blue, yellow and red

All images are the same size, 4×6″. The uprights just appear to be larger here on the blog.
I’ve got all of your addresses and now will think of a way to send the images safely to you. Might have to cut special cardstock sleeves for them…
It’s been great fun; thanks for your participation!


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12 Responses to “Day 2 of “Back to the Basics””

  1. Heather Says:

    Thank you for the Daisies. They are beautiful and I know the storm will pass.

  2. Linda swales Says:

    Thea, thank you so much for the beautiful painting and the lovely compliment.
    I didn’t realize until after I had comment, that we would receive a reward.
    You are too nice.

  3. Nina Meikle Says:

    Thea, thank you so much. I love all of them and the one you did for me is perfect.
    Thank you so much.

  4. kreutopia Says:

    Thanks, Thea. I love the flowers. I am back in Oliver so here would be fine. Keep up the positive attitude. Hugs, Jan

  5. M. Kruse Says:

    What a pleasant surprise to see my very own special painting and so quickly.
    Truly a treasure! I love it!!!:)
    Sincere thanks,

  6. Rosalie Jacques Says:

    Hi Thea What lovely work you do. I have just recently bought all of the
    supplies to paint on cards with an iron and stylus. You have given me the
    inspiration to get started! I love your candles as they glow with fire.
    Live on Vancouver Island B. C. but would love to take a vacation up your way
    with my hubby and take a workshop.
    Thanks again for the inspiration.

  7. Patricia Crewdson Says:

    Hi Thea, I have today received in the post the encaustic landscape that you have very kindly posted to me. It is great and will definitely inspire me to create lots of different landscapes. Thank you so much for that and it came so soon from such a distance! I will also be practising flowers in vases and having a go with rubber stamps as per your latest videos. As there are no classes near where I live I really do value your teaching videos. Thanks again.

  8. Thea Haubrich Says:

    So glad you like the little painting, Patricia! And I’m happy to hear that my videos are useful to you. Perhaps you can email me some of the results of your practices?
    With kind regards,

  9. Nina Meikle Says:

    Thea, sorry it has taken me so long to tell you that I recieved my painting and it is even more beautiful in person. It has inspired me to get back to my wax.
    Thank you for your inspiration and all of your help in the past.
    You are remembered in my prayers daily.

  10. Kay Says:

    I received you encaustic art card and I soooooooooooooo love it!! What a wonderful suprise it was to get in the mail!! It’s just awesome!!! ♥ Hope all is well with you and again, Bless You and Thank you for making my day!!! Smiles, Kay
    p.s. I have been trying to send this to you for a couple days in a “message” to you but it seems my “send” button will not work, soooooooooooooo Thanks Again Thea, you are the Best!!!

  11. Thea Haubrich Says:

    Hi Nina and Kay,
    I’m happy you both like the little piece I sent!

  12. Canadian Flowers Says:

    Its amazing and so beautiful art have in this blog. I really enjoyed of every pic.

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