Back to the Basics!

It’s been ages since I just worked with the iron, painting little landscapes, flowers, trees, candles etc. on 4×6″ cards. Mainly because I haven’t been teaching any basic classes for a LONG time. The last one was in May last year!
So I decided today that I would go back to the basics. I found a calendar from my old German friend Uschi Koch with 12 simple images and have tried to copy each of them. Now copying is not so easy! First you have to figure out the technique, then try to make it work, so I thought it would be good practice, instead of pottering along, doing my own thing…;-)

It was great fun; this is what I came up with:

Image 1

Sky/landscape with iron, dabbing with darker blue in foreground. Trees/buildings with stylus.

Image 2

Basic iron landscape in darker colours

Image 3

Basic landscape with pink skyline. Tree with iron, foliage with orange sponge. Little flowers with stylus.

Image 4

Simple flowers with stylus.

Image 5

Iron shapes with base/side of iron

Image 6

Basic landscape in light colours, grass stems with iron, featherheads with stylus without extra wax.

Image 7

Bulrushes with iron/stylus.

Image 8

Basic coating, stems with iron, flower heads with scrapy/stylus for yellow heart.

Image 9

Several passes with iron to make sky streaky. Path with scrapy on upturned iron. Some stylus details.

Image 10

Abstract shapes on coated card, with heat-resistant sponges.

Image 11

Leaf stencil shapes on coated card. Brush on gold powder, details with stylus.

Image 12

Multi-coloured coating. Candle shapes + flames with iron. Some dabbing with darker wax.

These really make me want to get back into teaching basic classes! The excitement of students coming up with their own images, exploring the many possibilities of the simple iron tool…
I’m going to play some more tomorrow!

If you leave me a comment here I promise to paint a little landscape just for you and send it to you in the mail!

P.S. I now realize that I should have mentioned a deadline to reply for sending people a little artwork…otherwise I could be painting for years to come…;-)
So I will close the “blog-candy” give-away now and everyone up until Kay will get something.


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24 Responses to “Back to the Basics!”

  1. Jenny Perry Says:

    You must be feeling better! You’re back to doing what you love to do.

  2. Linda Swales Says:

    Thea, they look luck such fun. It has been a while since I’ve done the
    basics. You have some lovely colours and shapes here. I would do a
    basic course again, just for the fun of it.
    Thanks for these.

  3. Caryle Says:

    You werereally busy today. I love the snow painting and the iron shapes are really lovely.

  4. carry99 Says:

    Wow!!! You were a busy gal today:) I love the winter scene, my favorite. The iron shapes are really nice too. Oh, I really do have to get back to painting

  5. P. Fava Says:

    Thea … these are MARVELOUS!!! How wonderful to renew the old … and, create such beauty. Loving the Lotus image Plenty!

  6. Diane Haug Says:

    Love the little landscapes. I love mountains!!

  7. Heather Says:

    I love the daisy heads

  8. Jan Kreut Says:

    I love the one with simple flowers with stylus. You are a great teacher and a great artist. Hang in there. Lots of love, Jan

  9. Mary Kruse Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! Makes my imagination run wild with possibilities.
    Can’t wait for tomorrows. Wished I lived close enough to get in on a basic course. Love the website!

  10. Nina Meikle Says:

    OMG Thea, you are so talented. I love love love these.
    Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

  11. encausticcanada Says:

    Wow, thanks for all your comments! I’d better start painting to make good on my promise…;-)))

  12. Anna M. Wolleben Says:

    Hello Thea,
    I really like the grasses! I have to try it when I get my stuff to SA. I would love to get one of your landscapes, but we don’t have an address in SA yet. Cheers from Europe!

  13. catherine Galvin Says:

    Thea .. this is really exciting to see how much can be done with just the iron and the stylus . I’ll maybe have to break the budget one of these days and come out there for a course . Keep feeling well .

  14. Brenda Cumming Says:

    those pictures are so inspiring and full of ideas. I love doing some of the basic work as it shows the different techniques that can be used…

  15. lynda lee Says:

    you are such an inspirion God bless

  16. lynda lee Says:

    you are such an inspiration. God bless

  17. Patricia Crewdson Says:

    Thea, I have only just started encaustic art. I loved and tried to copy
    your teaching videos on candles and yellow magnolias and was thrilled
    with my success, thanks to your teaching. Now I have 12 more to copy. Thank you for your inspiration.

  18. Kay Says:

    Oh my, I am so sorry I was away from my computer as I soooooooooooo would have loved a little piece of your art!!!! I am still gathering supplies in hopes of starting very sooon……If you feel up to it, could you do one last art piece?? If not, thats ok, Have a Very Happy Easter!!! Smiles, Kay

  19. Thea Haubrich Says:

    I now realize that I should have mentioned a deadline to reply for sending people a little artwork…otherwise I could be painting for years to come…;-)
    So I will close the “blog-candy” give-away now and everyone up until Kay will get something. I’ve emailed you for your address (do have Catherine’s).

  20. Rich Mc Nally Says:

    Hi – I’ve been rediscovering basics for over 40 years and its still worth it. The question is “who am I and what am I trying to say”. There is no answer but the quest is there all the same. Some find the answer real young so in a way there searce is over. Some don’t find it at all but that doesns’t mean the trip wasen’t worth. Maybe in the end there wasen’t even a question to answer. Rich

  21. Mary Lou Vokey Says:

    They are so simple yet stunning!! You have inspired me to try to emulate your work! Your colours are wonderful!!

  22. Thea Haubrich Says:

    I’m honoured, Mary Lou!
    Have fun!

  23. lynda lee Says:

    GOD bless Thea.I learn so much watching you. going to small art sale sat, hope to sell some paintings. no one in Grandrapids mi. had seen encaustics before. now they are starting.such fun. take care Lynda.

  24. Kay Graham Says:

    I just wated to tell you , finally, how much I enjoyed your encaustic artwork that you sent to me!!!! What a special day it was when I received it and it was just Beautiful!! Thanks soooooooo much for sharing your art and for being such a giving person!! Bless You!! ♥, Kay

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