Working with photographs

Last December I had to cancel my workshop “Encaustic and Photographs”, but I now feel I might be able to schedule it again soon. I dug up my notes, rewrote the tutorial and did a couple of test pieces.

The first one was printed with my inkjet printer on heavy cardstock. I started colouring with coloured pencils, then coating with medium, using a brush. After fusing I added more colour with wax this time and finally rubbed the piece with copper magic powder, which sticks nicely to any texture, but this is hard to see on the photo!
The original photo was of a couple of birch tree trunks, but it has now a much more abstract feeling. I think I will get rid of some of the glaring green….

Encaustic on photo 1

The second photo was printed, again with my inkjet, on special paper: Arches Velin Museum Rag, which is a beautiful, smooth paper. I cranked up the colours a bit with a photo editor and by accident I printed the image twice, but it really was a nice effect, so I decided to run with it.
After printing the photo was dipped in a bath with medium and coloured with Panpastels. The Panpastels started to run and bead up beautifully while I was fusing, so I’m happy with this one. And I like the left side, next to the image, but could not get it to work so well on the right…;-(

Encaustic on photo 2

Encaustic on photo 2


The last one is a 4×6 photo printed on glossy paper.
I sanded the photo a bit, to make it more receptive to the wax, then coated it with medium. I rubbed several colours of alcohol ink over it, blending and lifting here and there to bring out the big flower to the right and the smaller one on the left.
In the lower left corner I added more medium and pressed some netting in the soft wax. After removing the netting the texture was enhanced with more alcohol ink.
The dark shading on the right is done with Panpastels.

Encaustic on photo 3

Encaustic on photo 3


I’ve prepared several other photos by gluing them on pieces of wood, so they are all ready for the workshop; now I just have to pick a date!


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3 Responses to “Working with photographs”

  1. Linda Says:

    Let me know, I’ll be there.

  2. Judy Says:

    You know I’ll have a spot booked as soon as you pick a date, Thea.

  3. Olga Brooks Says:

    I have just purchased a complete set of encaustic art wax, iron and stylis. I am very keen to do encaustic art as I also make cards and I am a very keen photographer with a Nikon D3100 camera. i love gardening and being busy. Love your books and have seen various DVD’s.

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