More tangles

I’ve been tangling away, so below are a few more drawings.

I now have three books about Zentangle and my friend Carol found this fabulous link with hundreds more designs. You can even sign up there and they will send you new patterns to your inbox. This is going to seriously cutting into my wax time…;-))


My favourite so far

As you can see I often don’t get it right the first time!
Some tangles have been developed by special Zentangle teachers and I’ve noted their names.




2 Responses to “More tangles”

  1. Diane Haug Says:

    Hi Thea–which books did you like best? I saw some poor reviews so am wondering which books YOU liked. I have some ideas for encaustic with them. Of course I would have to enlarge a bit. Thanks for your help.

  2. encausticcanada Says:

    Hi Diane,
    I like Totally Tangled, and “Yoga for your Brain/a Zentangle workout”, which I think is great.
    I do have “Time to Tangle with Colors”, but have not worked from it yet.
    And I too am thinking of projects to combine the drawings with Encaustic. Will post if I’ve done something in that direction.

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