Back in the studio

Usually by the fourth day after receiving the chemo I feel pretty low. During one of  these “crappy” days last week I lay down on the couch and watched the DVD Encaustic + Paper.
What a treat! Daniella, Judy and Wendy, the girls from Wax Works West are such fun to watch. They know their stuff and present a ton of ideas with great humour. They even have a segment where they invite the fire department to the studio to give some good advice!

So as soon as I was feeling a bit better I headed down to the studio, started to cut strips of some nice papers I found laying around and switched on my neglected palette (I swear I heard the wax gasp!).

This is what I came up with:

Abstract landscape

Abstract landscape on mid weight printing paper


Collage with tissue papers, teabag, dried tea on handmade paper

Bleach pen

Bleach pen on handmade paper

Detail of bleach project

Detail of bleach project

Alcohol inks / heat foils

Alcohol inks / heat foils

More alcohol inks / wax resist

More alcohol inks / wax resist with grunge board overpainted with black printing ink

Stencil on watercoloured paper

Wax resist with plastic stencil on watercoloured paper

If you have seen the DVD yourself, you’d notice that I kept close to the different projects shown. I first want to get a feel for the techniques, before getting to “artsy” with it…;-))

There is more to come, but I ran out of paper to work on!!


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2 Responses to “Back in the studio”

  1. Linda Swales Says:

    Aren’t these fantastic!! That is one dvd I need to have a look at.
    It looks like such fun.

  2. encausticcanada Says:

    Sure, Linda! We could have a “viewing session” here in the studio with the other gals…:-))

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