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Saturday’s zentangle

February 19, 2011

I did a bit more on my last zentangle, colouring it in and adding some shapes.
It’s hard to know when to stop!


Zentangle: the Zen of Drawing

February 17, 2011

I do like to try out new stuff and had been eying the new way of doodling: zentangles. It seemed to me a good way to beat stress, of which I have quite a lot lately, and make some neat artwork at the same time.
So I ordered Totally Tangled, by Sandy Steen Bartholmew, got a few Pigma Micron pens and a nice notebook and off I went. There are not many rules to tangling and if there are any, nobody will beat you up for breaking them, so I found it all very relaxed.
Here are a few of my tangles, some are just trying out shapes, others are more complete drawings:

This was my very first one

I liked this one too

Practicing shapes

More practice

Now this one I REALLY liked!

These are more original shapes.

Something quite different

I don't think this one is finished yet...

More to follow in the next days.
I’m trying to do at least one a day – a bit like a meditation!

Painted lunch

February 17, 2011

A while ago I invited 4 very good friends over for a potluck lunch and some painting activity. We had a lovely time and at lunch time everyone was admiring the cute napkins I had, with a bunch of roosters/chickens on them.

Linda, Judy, Carol & Margaret

One of the ladies, we now think it was Margaret, commented that we should each take a napkin and make some art with it. Then gather again in a month or so and do a little show and tell.
Good plan! Anything to get us painting, right?!

So fast-forward to last week, when we all met at Judy’s place. Same format: Judy had made some fabulous soups, there was salad, good bread, fruit and goodies.
Everyone brought their work and this is what we came up with:

By Margaret Phillips

By Judy Byer

By Thea Haubrich

By Carol Munro

By Linda Swales 1

By Linda Swales 2

Memento Mori, Thea Haubrich

For our next challenge Judy had a great selection of napkins for us to chose from.
It will probably take a while before everyone finishes her artwork, but expect neat stuff again!