By John Vandebrooke: FREE 100 pages eBook on Encaustic!

I just got an email by my friend John Vandebrooke, fellow encaustic artist and sales point for Arts EncauseBook John Vandebrooketic products in the States.

He mentioned he had created a FREE eBook about the techniques he researched and discovered. This is not some small leaflet with a few instructions. It is 100 page long and tells basically all his secrets!
You have to love this man!!

Read the book here

Thanks so much, John!!



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4 Responses to “By John Vandebrooke: FREE 100 pages eBook on Encaustic!”

  1. Caryle Schroeder Says:

    Thank You Thea for posting this book

    I have only read the first few pages so far but will continue to read as I found it to be very inspirational.

    THanks Thea
    and Thanks so Much John for your inspiration.

  2. Jana Skolaudyova Says:

    The book must be wonderful.Pity there are not salable in the country.I wish you much inspiration in the Encaustic painting.Jana Skolaudyova

  3. encausticcanada Says:

    Jana, the book is free! You can just follow the link and read it.

  4. Anna Maria Says:

    Thank you for the interesting post, I have read Peter´s book, it´s amazing!

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