A Happy Day!

Today Peter and I are celebrating our 38th. wedding anniversary! We were the first ones to get married in 1973 in the picturesque “stadhuis” in Hillegersberg, Rotterdam.

Stadhuis Hillegersberg

Stadhuis Hillegersberg

January 2nd is a bit of an odd day to get married; usually couples in Holland get married before the end of the year, because of tax benefits. We were poor students, so did not care about that!

In those days of course there were no phones to take pictures with, not even digital cameras, so I had to scan in some of those old photos to show you how we looked.

Wedding picture 1 Thea/Peter

In front of Thea's home in Rotterdam

Well, I don’t think you would recognize us from those pictures! Peter has a lot less hair now and I don’t think I will EVER fit into that dress again…;-))

Wedding picture 2

Young love...


3 Responses to “A Happy Day!”

  1. Junanne Says:

    Congratulations……..may you have a great Day today and another 38……….

  2. Judy Says:

    Great photos Thea…I definitely recognized your smile…it’s still as radiant now as it was then! Congratulations to both of you!!

  3. Hannah and Ken Says:

    so nice to see your wedding photo! We are glad God brought you into our lives. We love you both! K and H

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