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By John Vandebrooke: FREE 100 pages eBook on Encaustic!

January 16, 2011

I just got an email by my friend John Vandebrooke, fellow encaustic artist and sales point for Arts EncauseBook John Vandebrooketic products in the States.

He mentioned he had created a FREE eBook about the techniques he researched and discovered. This is not some small leaflet with a few instructions. It is 100 page long and tells basically all his secrets!
You have to love this man!!

Read the book here

Thanks so much, John!!



Another screen printing session

January 13, 2011

After my first attempts with the screen printing technique I was really pleased how the prints came out, so I decided to try it again. For some reason I must have been incredibly lucky with my first choice of image (a photo of myself), for I tried and tried, but could not come up with a similar photo of some of my friends of good contrast and shapes to use.
None of them seemed a good liking.

So I decided to fall back on my favourite crows again! I made a stencil of two crows and taped it to the screen. Printing was done on printing paper and mat board. These are the results:
I like the second one best. It was over-printed using a collagraph of a fallen tree trunk shape, which adds some mystery to the image, don’t you think?

Thea Haubrich - Targets, screen print

Thea Haubrich - Targets, screen print

Thea Haubrich - Who Goes There? screen print

Thea Haubrich - Who Goes There? screen print

Art in my kitchen

January 13, 2011

Now you know which paintings I have in my bedroom, let’s move on to the kitchen!
With moisture and fumes it might not be an ideal place for art, but the pieces hanging a good distance away from the stove and oven.

The first is a delicious 8×6 painting by Viv Lieskovsky: Medicine Bottles. She had it in one of the recent Leir House shows, where I bought it.

Viv Lieskovsky - Medicine Bottles

Viv Lieskovsky - Medicine Bottles

Then there is my own practice piece for the first RipOff challenge: Starry Night by Van Gogh in encaustic.

Thea Haubrich: Starry Night/Van Gogh

Thea Haubrich: Starry Night/Van Gogh

Next up is a wonderful water colour by Jill Leir-Salter, the grand-dame of painting wide skies and Okanagan landscapes. She had it in an exhibit in Naramata and I could not resist!

Jill Leir-Salter - Gathering Storm in the Okanagan

Jill Leir-Salter - Gathering Storm in the Okanagan

The last one in the kitchen is again an Okanagan scene, this time by Lynne Marand, active member of the South Okanagan Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists. This is the second piece we acquired from her; the other one, Serendipity, hangs in the hallway.

Lynne Marand - An Unobstructed View

Lynne Marand - An Unobstructed View

Lynne Marand - Serendipity

Lynne Marand - Serendipity

Still more art in my bedroom…

January 5, 2011

There are a couple more pieces in my bedroom I want to show you:
First a painting (a reproduction, I’m reluctant to admit…) of one of my favourite Canadian painters, Emily Carr. The title is Scorned as Timber, Beloved of the Sky, 1935.

Emily Carr

Emily Carr, Scorned as Timber, Beloved of the Sky, 1935

The next one is a framed print we bought on our visit to Korea, some 25 years ago. I really love this one! Sorry, it’s a bit fuzzy…

Korean print

Korean dancer

Two more paintings by local artists: The first is by Jack Deppisch, a fine painter with a great sense of humor. He painted this little cabin during a plein air session and I won it at the painting exchange from our FCA chapter this Christmas.

The second one is again by my dear friend Linda Swales. She started it in one of my workshops and gave it to me as a Christmas present, together with some fabulous Chinese paint brushes.

Jack Deppisch

Jack Deppisch, Summerland Ornamental Gardens

Linda Swales

Linda Swales

In a following post I’ll show you what hangs in my kitchen….;-))

Playing with my screen printing set

January 3, 2011

Opus had a sale on last month, and the deluxe screen printing set caught my eye. I’ve always been intrigued with printing processes and had no idea what screen printing was all about. After opening the box it turned out that I needed some special masking tape, which I did not had, so I decided to leave the screen alone and play with the inks in another way. In the excellent book “Printmaking + Mixed Media” by Dorit Elisha I found instructions on how to make a collagraph and print from that.

A collagraph is a kind of printing plate, very basic though. (Sorry, forgot to make photos as I went along…)
I took a piece of matboard, about letter size and a piece of sturdy brown paper, left over from an shipping I got.
On the paper I drew the rooster and cut it out. I separated the head, tail and body part and glued these pieces a little bit apart with a glue stick on the mat board. That was my print plate!
On an piece of broken glass I found outside I spooned some of the acrylic printing ink from the screen printing kit and loaded a rubber brayer with it. Then I inked up my plate with the brayer, placed my printing paper on top and pressed to transfer the image.
Multiple colours and passes gave me the image in the end.

This was the first print.

And here is number two. I was really pleased with this one!

After getting the masking tape today I was ready for the real screen printing experience.

I printed off my profile picture black and white, with great contrast, and cut out the areas I wanted to show in colour with a craft knife, making a stencil. This stencil was placed beneath the screen.

The screen then was “flooded” with blue acrylic printing ink, spread out with a special squeegee.

Next step was the printing stroke, to push the ink through the netting onto the paper.

My very first screen print! I was hooked and printed off 12 more self portraits on heavy Stampin”Up card stock.

Isn’t that great?! Cleaning up was a terrible chore though…ink everywhere! Perhaps I should stick with wax…??

Nah, this is so much fun, I’m going to make a bit more of a mess tomorrow!

A Happy Day!

January 2, 2011

Today Peter and I are celebrating our 38th. wedding anniversary! We were the first ones to get married in 1973 in the picturesque “stadhuis” in Hillegersberg, Rotterdam.

Stadhuis Hillegersberg

Stadhuis Hillegersberg

January 2nd is a bit of an odd day to get married; usually couples in Holland get married before the end of the year, because of tax benefits. We were poor students, so did not care about that!

In those days of course there were no phones to take pictures with, not even digital cameras, so I had to scan in some of those old photos to show you how we looked.

Wedding picture 1 Thea/Peter

In front of Thea's home in Rotterdam

Well, I don’t think you would recognize us from those pictures! Peter has a lot less hair now and I don’t think I will EVER fit into that dress again…;-))

Wedding picture 2

Young love...

More art in my bedroom

January 1, 2011

Here are some more paintings which are gracing my bedroom walls:

More art in my bedroom

Karen Lehrer, Daniella Woolf, Donna Schnare, Linda Swales, Bethany Handfield, Linda Womack

From the top, left:
a lovely piece by Karen Lehrer. Again a painting exchange, this time from the recent IEA Advance/Retreat in San Francisco.

Next to it, in blues and yellows, a real Daniella Woolf! I bought it as I visited her studio during the 2009 IEA Retreat.

The beautiful landscape to the right is by Donna Schnare, a good friend from my Ning social network. She painted this on a tile and told me it was the first time she had done that! I’m very honoured that she gave it to me.

Below Karen’s piece is Linda Swales’s painting of winter trees. This work has a wonderful glow, which unfortunately does not show very well on the photo. Linda is one of my best friends here in the Okanagan. She attends almost all my workshops and circles. Hopefully I will be able to offer some again soon.

The fiery orange/red painting is by Bethany Handfield, another student and close friend. This one is called “The Eye of Pele”.

And below another lovely piece by Linda Womack, which she sent me recently as encouragement. She incorporated a photograph she took at Harrison Hot Springs, B.C., where she spend a few days with her husband after she had taught two workshops here in the Okanagan.

So at night I’m surrounded by all these inspiring artworks. Each from a fellow encaustic artist, whom I have met and often am very good friends with. Can you imagine my sweet dreams??