Artwork in my bedroom

The silkscreen printing set is still in its box, so here’s something else I’d like to share with you:

The artwork which is hanging in my bedroom!
I love to collect fellow (encaustic) artists and have a number of small paintings hanging above my bed.

Brad Hillis, Eileen Goldenberg, Linda Womack, Mandy Rollings

The intriguing painting with the Grinch-like fingers is by Brad Hillis. I got it at a painting exchange of our FCA Chapter Christmas potluck in 2009 and am extremely pleased with it.

The little guy on the left, with the dots, is of course an original Eileen Goldenberg! I acquired it during the Encaustic Conference last June.

Next to it is a real Linda Womack. She came to teach here in the Okanagan and gave me this little gem. So proud to have it!

Underneath is a lovely small painting by Mandy Rollins. She made it during the workshop with Linda Womack and I fell in love with it right away. She displayed it in the recent encaustic exhibit “Brilliant Moments III” and I bought it before opening night!

Carol Munro, Phyllis Lasche

The painting in sections, at the top, is by my best friend Carol Munro.  I won it in the FCA painting exchange in 2008.
Below it is a little encaustic installation by Phyllis Lasche. It is hard to see, but she made a 3D work, incorporating a piece of shell and coloured beads. You can hang it in any which way, and can play with it too, rolling the beads around!
This one I also got in a painting exchange: at the IEA Retreat in 2009.

More paintings in the next post!


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2 Responses to “Artwork in my bedroom”

  1. Eileen Goldenberg Says:

    Thanks so much for posting, and of course including my painting…just a note…she is not a “guy”

  2. encausticcanada Says:

    Oh, sorry Eileen!! Did not mean to offend you or your painting…;-))

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