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Linda Womack Seminars

September 17, 2010

From September 9 – 12 Linda Womack from Portland, author of Embracing Encaustic, was in Okanagan Falls to teach two seminars.

The classes were held in the Kenyon House, a cute little building with a fantastic view of Skaha Lake, a tiled floor, kitchen, 2 bathrooms and an upgraded electrical panel to run at least 7 griddles. We also had a big fridge and a coffee maker. What more could we want!

Great setup at Kenyon House

Linda came with hubby Bill and he and my husband Peter really hit it off! After setting up and testing all the griddles we went to visit one of our local wineries: See Ya Later winery. Unfortunately the weather was not great, so we had to sit outside with some blankets and enjoy our cheese platters all bundled up, but the wine was good!

Wine tasting at See Ya Later winery

On the first day of the classes I was really relieved to see everybody arrive in time. We had many of my old students, some from all over BC and Micheline even came all the way from Virginia!

Patt from Parksville and Grace from 100 Mile House

Linda showed a plethora of techniques at a steady pace, but even the newbees managed to keep step and a good time was had by all.

Micheline traveled all the way from Virginia!

Attentive students....

Propane gas with your cookies, anyone?

The second day was reserved for image transfers, textures and of course: the much-anticipated propane torch! But first a few examples of work from our first group:

Jan Kreut's work

Patt Scivener

Lunch time: What a great spot!

Here are some pictures from the second group:

Bethany showing off her work

Linda and Maggie

Tina reading backwards text in washroom mirror!

Lesson in torching

Mandy's beautiful piece with the shellac

Bethany brought appels for the teachers!