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Encaustic and photographs

August 8, 2010

During the Encaustic conference last year I attended Danielle Correia’s excellent presentation on working with encaustic on photographs. But I had not done much experimenting myself until a few weeks ago.

The trigger was, as so often, an upcoming workshop, where I had promised I’d show some techniques.
What I learned was that the whole image releases from the photo paper if you dip it in wax-not good! What went well is dipping a photo printed on computer paper. It really went very well: the paper becomes transparent, which is a beautiful effect on its own.
I added just a little bit of dabbing and went over the photo, unto the paper:


Boat launch1

Dipped photo (computer paper)

I had the same photo printed off on matte photo paper at London Drugs (6×8).
This one I glued with matte medium on a piece of hardboard, then added clear medium on top. In the next step I built up texture, especially where the trees were and at the concrete boat launch area at the bottom. The texture was highlighted with a contrasting colour, light for the trees and dark for the foreground.
The rocks were painted over with dark wax (my favourite indigo again!), using the tip of the iron. This piece has a totally different feel, but I still like it very much.


Boat launch2

Matte photo paper, glued on hard board

Which one do you like best??



MHP and alcohol inks

August 7, 2010

I had to tidy up my studio to make room for my new toy: the Munro Heatable Palette (MHP). Mainly I had to remove the newsprint that covered my table, for I realized that I was setting myself up for disaster with the pancake griddle on 350F, enclosed in a wooden frame and covered by an aluminum sheet….

After my first play-session the paper had turned quite brown! Just happy it did not ignite!

Munro Heatable Palette

Here the newsprint it still underneath...

Now I feel much better and this afternoon I played happily, making tons of mono prints, most were way too dark, but hey: I’m still learning…

This was one of the best ones:

mono print - Weave

While the palette was heating up I took out my alcohol inks, which I had really neglected for a long time. But boy, they are fun to use with encaustic!

Just dribble onto the wax and they form gorgeous shapes, with crisp, dark outlines. You can blend colour over colour and wipe off what you don’t like with the special blending fluid.

I worked on a 4×6 card with a flower I’d done during a demo. The original was quite bland, just yellows and light greens, but the ink really made the flower pop. The colours kind of shimmer on the petals. I used a scraper to scratch out some lines in the heart of the flower.

Alcohol ink flower

Give it a try: it’s great fun! I used Adirondack alcohol inks, which I had ordered from Joggles.