Launching Fine Art Site

Encouraged by the recognition and sales of my artwork in the past months I decided to finally launch my own fine art website, where you can view and browse my artwork and hopefully buy it!

Fine Art Website

Fine Art Website

I’ve included many pieces of my 36″ a Day in May challenge and will certainly keep adding artwork in the coming weeks.

I announced the website first in my July newsletter. To give people a good reason to go and visit, I raffled off one of my Irises on black painting card under everyone who left me a message on the site before July 15.
My old friend Carol E. from England won the painting!


2 Responses to “Launching Fine Art Site”

  1. Mazarine Says:

    I love this piece! It reminds me of a field of poppies. And the hint of blue splotches, the summer sky.

    Well done you!


  2. encausticcanada Says:

    Thanks so much! This is one of my favourite pieces and it just recently sold at the FCA juried exhibition at Handworks Gallery.
    I’m really sad I won’t see it again, but hope it has found a good home…;-)

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