Day 4 of the RipOff Project

Today I got only about 1.5 hrs of painting done, because I had to give a demo at Handworks in the afternoon. Also, we watched the quarter finals Holland/Brazil of the World Soccer tournament before I left, and Holland won 2-1, so they’re in the semi-finals!!

I really did not get much done; just added an extra layer of white to the main mountain and sculptured the ridges with the stylus and scrapers. The blue at the left is done with a pigment stick and I think I will continue working with that tomorrow. It brings out the texture beautifully!


Yesterday I was not at the Quail’s Nest and the others made some great progress on their pieces. Luckily Terry was able to come and is working on her knitting now:

This is what Terry is doing: KNITTING the mountain...!

Marion's collage

Russell is breaking out the power tools...

Leo's mountain is almost finished

Kurt also made great progress

A lively discussion with Dianne's quilted mountain in the back

Look closely at the bottom of our fridge....

It has Kurt's PAINTS in it, right next to the coffee!!

Tomorrow is our big finale! My experience from previous years is, that it will be packed and we won’t have much time to paint!
Please come out and cheer us on as we all rush to the top!


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One Response to “Day 4 of the RipOff Project”

  1. Linda Swales Says:

    I knew you would be demonstrating much longer than an hour.
    It was so nice to see people get excited about what they were
    doing with the iron.
    The show at Handworks was lovely. There were some very nice
    pieces of art there. If only I had more space….

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