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Launching Fine Art Site

July 16, 2010

Encouraged by the recognition and sales of my artwork in the past months I decided to finally launch my own fine art website, where you can view and browse my artwork and hopefully buy it!

Fine Art Website

Fine Art Website

I’ve included many pieces of my 36″ a Day in May challenge and will certainly keep adding artwork in the coming weeks.

I announced the website first in my July newsletter. To give people a good reason to go and visit, I raffled off one of my Irises on black painting card under everyone who left me a message on the site before July 15.
My old friend Carol E. from England won the painting!


Finale RipOff Project Mount Lefroy

July 4, 2010

Well, we did it again! After a frantic day of working (for some, Russell and Barb had already completed their piece) we planted the flag on Mount Lefroy. We had tons of visitors over the week; I counted about 150 names in the guest book!

Here are some impressions of our last day:

Marion finally started to warm to Mount Lefroy!

Enid was in her element all the time!

Barb with her woven garment + scarf

The last stitches for Dianne before the 3 PM ring of the bell!

Russell with "Lawren's painting", times two

I’ve even made a video of his photographic installation!

Poor Terry felt still very sick and has a lot of yarn to be knitted before completion.

Kurt: Installing the installation

JoAnne's finished CD cabinet

Leo's 3-D piece in wood

My encaustic piece

And then we had a baby Quail visiting the Quail's Nest!

't was hard to fit all artists in the picture! Kurt's missing here...

After the photo shoot, a toast and some well-deserved goodies we all went our separate ways. Watch for the RipOff display at the Fall Art Show in Oliver, Oct. 2 and 3. And next year at Handworks Gallery and Leir House Penticton.

That was it for this year! Will we do it again? Of course we will!!

Day 4 of the RipOff Project

July 2, 2010

Today I got only about 1.5 hrs of painting done, because I had to give a demo at Handworks in the afternoon. Also, we watched the quarter finals Holland/Brazil of the World Soccer tournament before I left, and Holland won 2-1, so they’re in the semi-finals!!

I really did not get much done; just added an extra layer of white to the main mountain and sculptured the ridges with the stylus and scrapers. The blue at the left is done with a pigment stick and I think I will continue working with that tomorrow. It brings out the texture beautifully!


Yesterday I was not at the Quail’s Nest and the others made some great progress on their pieces. Luckily Terry was able to come and is working on her knitting now:

This is what Terry is doing: KNITTING the mountain...!

Marion's collage

Russell is breaking out the power tools...

Leo's mountain is almost finished

Kurt also made great progress

A lively discussion with Dianne's quilted mountain in the back

Look closely at the bottom of our fridge....

It has Kurt's PAINTS in it, right next to the coffee!!

Tomorrow is our big finale! My experience from previous years is, that it will be packed and we won’t have much time to paint!
Please come out and cheer us on as we all rush to the top!

Opening “For the Love of Art”

July 2, 2010

I also went to Handworks Gallery, doing a demo before the opening of the juried FCA show “For the Love of Art”. Instead of the planned one hour I had people lining up to have a go until almost 4 PM!
Here is watercolour artist and FCA-SOS chapter president Kate Kimberley, trying her hand at Encaustic:

Kate in action

Mike Jorden did a plein air oil painting of main street in front of the gallery:

Mike Jorden: plein air

Mike also won an award for one of his paintings in the show.

Overview of part of the exhibit

Opening “Harmony” at Leir House, Penticton

July 1, 2010

This afternoon was the opening of the art show of  the Artists of the South Okanagan. Basically, these are all members of the FCA, but this show was not a juried one, so could not run under the auspices of the Federation.

The presented work was excellent; it could have been a juried show! There were two of my photos with encaustic work in it.

We bought two paintings: a lovely Okanagan scene by Lynne Marand (our second piece from her!) and a stunning little painting of some medicine bottles by Viv Lieskovsky.

Second day of our RipOff project

July 1, 2010

Just uploading some pictures of yesterday’s work. I’m off today, but will be back Friday morning.

Leo's wooden installation takes shape

Barb's loom with scarf; she's already made her main piece, but it's a secret!

Dianne with her quilt on day 2

Enid's finished watercolour piece

Here she's working on her acrylic mountain

...AND she's doing a third piece, after Mike Svob

Marion is using fabric to collage her sky

Working on my encaustic piece

Russell scoring his photo

JoAnne's CD cabinet

End of day 2: encaustic piece

Kurt has still a lot of inches to cover....