Heading home…

Well, it’s over…we’re on the plane, flying to Seattle to connect to Kelowna. The past two days were full of new experiences, learning and meeting new folks, most of whom I only knew from the IEA members list or my Ning site. So great to put a face and voice to the name!

On Tuesday I took Daniella Woolf’s workshop “Away with Words”. I met Daniella last year at the IEA retreat and had also the chance to visit her in her studio. I even bought a small painting from her, which hangs in my bedroom, together with a number of other favourite artists.
Daniella is great fun and she taught us tons of techniques from her excellent dvd.  She also had a whole pile of goodies for us: a charcoal pencil, transfer paper, a sheet with characters and numbers to rub off and a roll of special adhesive tape with holes in it.

Using the tacky tape

Collaging on the heated palette

Afterwards we all gathered at Julie S.-L’s house in Salem for a wonderful feast. Lots of salads, meats, tofu, cherries and other fruit. And many great desserts…

Our last workshop was working en plein air with Kimberley Kent.  She had a little butane stove for each of us, with some waxes, a support and a board to work on. Working outdoors certainly has its own challenges, with the wind blowing out our heat source being a major one!

Carol working en plein air

my first plein air painting!

We celebrated the great day with a sumptuous dinner at a local Indian restaurant. The portions were so generous that we had enough left for lunch on Thursday!

Our last day was spend re-packing the suitcases, trying to cram as much in as possible without getting over 50 lbs.
And we took a cab to Salem and visited the Wax Witch history museum and the fabulous gift shop of the Peabody Essex Museum.

I’m writing this post 10,000 feet in the air; isn’t that amazing?! I”ll get some proper links in when I get home; working without a mouse on a small keyboard is a bit of a challenge…


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3 Responses to “Heading home…”

  1. Linda Swales Says:

    Thank you, Thea, it has been fun following your progress at the
    conference. It sounds as though it was jam packed. You will
    have to come back and have a rest. Is that possible!!?
    Looking forward to seeing you and all the fun things you did.

  2. Iona Says:

    Hi Thea
    I hopped over from the ‘Blast Off’ site to see your work…it’s been a delight to visit your posts all the way back to before you left and learned that three of your works had been accepted…congratulations!!!!

    What a sumptuous medium encaustic is…I think your self portrait is strong and your first plein aire is charming.

    Looks like you clearly did Blast Off!

  3. encausticcanada Says:

    Well, dear Linda, I’m home, but as you said, not much time for rest!
    Trying to process all that I learned will be quite a challenge…

    Thanks, Iona, for “hopping over”! And for your sweet comments on my paintings. Blast Off is a blur at the moment, but I will connect with two other local astronauts soon.

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