Third Day of Conference, part 2

Carol and I had both signed up for Michelle Belto’s “Handmade paper substrates”. This was going to be a 1.5 hours session instead of the usual 60 min.  and we had easily gone on for a couple more hours!
And probably the best part: she gave each of us a goodie bag with samples of her papers!!!

Michelle had a great style of teaching and showed us several ways to adhere papers to surfaces like wood or archival foam board.

She also showed a nifty devise for making your own paper, using cheap, easily available materials.

Some images of her demo samples:

In the vendor room I kept spending money and took this great shot of Judy and Wendy, who were still in very good spirit after 3 hectic days of working behind the counter:

After the closing ceremony (Susanne Arnold won a free pass to next year’s conference) we went with Ellen Koment to Salem and had dinner there with Linda, Bill, Bridget & Amy in Beer Works, famous for its watermelon beer.

Joanne just before the closing ceremony

Eileen pulls Susanne out of the "hat"

Now we’re off to our first post-conference workshops. Three more days of fun!!!


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One Response to “Third Day of Conference, part 2”

  1. sandy Says:

    Thea, what fun you are having!! Watermelon beer???-who would have ‘thunk it’? Thanks to your summer course offerings (unfortunately dates don’t work for me), my hubbie and I are now going to “Meatloaf” concert in Pentiction in August. I am so excited:) Thanks and keep enjoying!!

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