Post-conference workshop: Encaustic & Fibre

After our breakfast in the Atomic Cafe we wandered into some overgrown old cemeteries. Gravestones from the mid 1700’s! They had peculiar headstones, almost all with a face/head/skull with wings attached.

We almost ran out of time and hurried to our resp. workshops, where I discovered I’d left half of my supplies in the dorm! (went back later to get them).

I was really looking forward to the class with Cari Hernadez on working with fibre and was not disappointed.
She had prepared little packages for us with a sewn “pod” and several pieces of fabric.

The “pod” was covered in wax, first the inside, then outside, fused and shaped:

I attached mine to a piece of mat board, as I’m still looking for a good way to approach my Lawren Harris challenge. The plan is to make a sculptural piece of one of his famous mountain paintings. Mt. Lefroy.
Here is Sherrie working on her pod.

Sherrie Posternak

Next we made a small book out of cotton batting and some other fibre (pennal??), decorating the pages with whatever we could find. Some great pieces were done. See pictures further down.

Another project was working on a board, embedding and collaging. Cari had printed words on fine silk and embedded them with medium. And she showed a whimsical piece of gathered cotton, coated with medium and shaped. Great fun!

Some of our finished pieces:

Betty's piece


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