Third Conference Day

Atomic (Carols favourite expresso place) does not open until at 9 AM on Sundays!!

So we ended up next door in the fresh bakery, where we had a nice second breakfast with Susan Thompson.
Here she is next to her piece: the wonderful small image in blue tones with all the incised lines:

Susan Thompson

Our first session was with Nancy Natale. She spoke about blogging, but blogger had just done a major change to the layout, so poor Nancy had to figure out her talk all anew….we had a ton of fun, though we all got a bit dizzy from her jumping cursor…;-))

“What’s your work” was the theme of Kim Bernard‘s talk and it was not a talk: it was a spiritual journey! She had us pose questions to each other as profound as: What are you passionate/curious/fearful about? What do you want to learn and what do you think about on a long, lonely car trip.
Boy, did I learn a whole lot of stuff about myself in a hurry! It was fabulous!!!

Off to the Closing Ceremony, more tonight!



2 Responses to “Third Conference Day”

  1. Anna Wolleben Says:

    I see, you have a lot of fun!!! Good for you, Thea!

  2. Nancy Natale Says:

    Thea, I’m sorry my cursor made you dizzy. I think the frenzied movement improved after I put on my reading glasses and discovered what Blogger had done to change things. Awkward, but that’s life – surprises are part of everything. Thanks for posting about it and taking it with good grace.

    It was fun to meet, talk and dine with you and I hope to see you again next year!

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