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RipOffs are off and running…;-)

June 29, 2010

Yesterday evening was opening reception for our RipOff project. We had a good crowd and lots of yummy stuff. I’d made a display of Toblerone chocolates in the shape of the mountain. It looked so pretty, but I forgot to take a picture of it!! So use your imagination…;-)

Artwork from previous years was on display:

Year 1: Vincent van Gogh

Year 2: Gustav Klimt

Year 3: Georgia O'Keeffe

As I said, we had a good turnout:

Kurt Hutterli, our installation artist, did a pre-piece, which was hilarious!
He had found an old rusty hood of a car and painted the mountain on it. Here you can see him explain to one of the innocent bystanders:

Kurt with the remnants of Lawren Harris's car

Today we started for real: we set up our workstations and got serious:

Joanne is painting on a piece of furniture

Leo is making a 3D wooden display

Dianne is using a shive stick to decorate fabric for her quilt

Enid paints with watercolour

Marion is glueing tiny pieces of fabric to make up her collage

Kurt is painting the backdrop for his installation

Russell has a fantastic idea blending two photograph together

My Encaustic piece is taking shape

Although I did manage to wreck the left mountain side later and will have to do some scraping and repairing tomorrow!

Missing from the line-up is Terry, our gang-leader, who unfortunately got sick (hope you will join us soon!) and Barb, who apparently has already finished her garment, but will come on Thursday to finish weaving her matching scarf.

To be continued…;-)


RipOff Project 2010: Mount Lefroy

June 22, 2010

Yesterday I finally started painting my Encaustic Mount Lefroy. I had dreaded that first stroke, but even if it’s a dirty job, somebody has to do it and nobody was going to do it for me!

Lawren-Harris Mount-Lefroy

But let me back up first: what’s a RipOff project and why Mount Lefroy??
In the small town of Oliver, BC, Terry Irvine, a smart and talented fiber artist, came up with the brilliant idea to take the painting of a famous artist and have it created by a bunch of other artists, all in different media. In 2007 seven RipOff artists first gathered and stole “Wheatfield with Cypresses” from Van Gogh. The following years they ripped off  Gustav Klimt, then Georgia O’Keeffe and this year: Canadian icon Lawren Harris.

It’s the Group of Nine, pilfering from the Group of Seven!

I’m working on a 16x16x1.5″ wooden panel and started with three layers of medium, then transferred the drawing with the help of carbon paper. Here is my progress so far:

Bare panel with drawing

Half of the sky is done

Detail from left corner

Sky roughed in; needs lots of improvement!

As you can see I still have to do a lot of work to fine-tune lights/darks/shades etc. and the main mountain is still bare, but I will have the whole week next week to do that.
The project starts on Monday evening, June 28, with an opening at the Quail’s Nest Art Centre in Oliver from 6 – 8 PM. During the rest of the week we will be working on our creations from 9 to 3 and you are very welcome to drop by and see our progress.
Then on Saturday July 3 everybody will rush to finish their work. It’s a fun day with lots of visitors, who cheer us on.

“We” are nine local artists: Terry Irvine, Marion Trimble, Enid Baker, Kurt Hutterli, Russell Work, Dianne Birnie, JoAnne Turner, Barbara Levant and myself. Plus this year’s guest artist: Leo Pedersen.

Our project is getting lots of press and even was filmed by Mike Roberts from CHBC!

Stay tuned for further updates.

Heading home…

June 17, 2010

Well, it’s over…we’re on the plane, flying to Seattle to connect to Kelowna. The past two days were full of new experiences, learning and meeting new folks, most of whom I only knew from the IEA members list or my Ning site. So great to put a face and voice to the name!

On Tuesday I took Daniella Woolf’s workshop “Away with Words”. I met Daniella last year at the IEA retreat and had also the chance to visit her in her studio. I even bought a small painting from her, which hangs in my bedroom, together with a number of other favourite artists.
Daniella is great fun and she taught us tons of techniques from her excellent dvd.  She also had a whole pile of goodies for us: a charcoal pencil, transfer paper, a sheet with characters and numbers to rub off and a roll of special adhesive tape with holes in it.

Using the tacky tape

Collaging on the heated palette

Afterwards we all gathered at Julie S.-L’s house in Salem for a wonderful feast. Lots of salads, meats, tofu, cherries and other fruit. And many great desserts…

Our last workshop was working en plein air with Kimberley Kent.  She had a little butane stove for each of us, with some waxes, a support and a board to work on. Working outdoors certainly has its own challenges, with the wind blowing out our heat source being a major one!

Carol working en plein air

my first plein air painting!

We celebrated the great day with a sumptuous dinner at a local Indian restaurant. The portions were so generous that we had enough left for lunch on Thursday!

Our last day was spend re-packing the suitcases, trying to cram as much in as possible without getting over 50 lbs.
And we took a cab to Salem and visited the Wax Witch history museum and the fabulous gift shop of the Peabody Essex Museum.

I’m writing this post 10,000 feet in the air; isn’t that amazing?! I”ll get some proper links in when I get home; working without a mouse on a small keyboard is a bit of a challenge…

Post-conference workshop: Encaustic & Fibre

June 14, 2010

After our breakfast in the Atomic Cafe we wandered into some overgrown old cemeteries. Gravestones from the mid 1700’s! They had peculiar headstones, almost all with a face/head/skull with wings attached.

We almost ran out of time and hurried to our resp. workshops, where I discovered I’d left half of my supplies in the dorm! (went back later to get them).

I was really looking forward to the class with Cari Hernadez on working with fibre and was not disappointed.
She had prepared little packages for us with a sewn “pod” and several pieces of fabric.

The “pod” was covered in wax, first the inside, then outside, fused and shaped:

I attached mine to a piece of mat board, as I’m still looking for a good way to approach my Lawren Harris challenge. The plan is to make a sculptural piece of one of his famous mountain paintings. Mt. Lefroy.
Here is Sherrie working on her pod.

Sherrie Posternak

Next we made a small book out of cotton batting and some other fibre (pennal??), decorating the pages with whatever we could find. Some great pieces were done. See pictures further down.

Another project was working on a board, embedding and collaging. Cari had printed words on fine silk and embedded them with medium. And she showed a whimsical piece of gathered cotton, coated with medium and shaped. Great fun!

Some of our finished pieces:

Betty's piece

Third Day of Conference, part 2

June 14, 2010

Carol and I had both signed up for Michelle Belto’s “Handmade paper substrates”. This was going to be a 1.5 hours session instead of the usual 60 min.  and we had easily gone on for a couple more hours!
And probably the best part: she gave each of us a goodie bag with samples of her papers!!!

Michelle had a great style of teaching and showed us several ways to adhere papers to surfaces like wood or archival foam board.

She also showed a nifty devise for making your own paper, using cheap, easily available materials.

Some images of her demo samples:

In the vendor room I kept spending money and took this great shot of Judy and Wendy, who were still in very good spirit after 3 hectic days of working behind the counter:

After the closing ceremony (Susanne Arnold won a free pass to next year’s conference) we went with Ellen Koment to Salem and had dinner there with Linda, Bill, Bridget & Amy in Beer Works, famous for its watermelon beer.

Joanne just before the closing ceremony

Eileen pulls Susanne out of the "hat"

Now we’re off to our first post-conference workshops. Three more days of fun!!!

Third Conference Day

June 13, 2010

Atomic (Carols favourite expresso place) does not open until at 9 AM on Sundays!!

So we ended up next door in the fresh bakery, where we had a nice second breakfast with Susan Thompson.
Here she is next to her piece: the wonderful small image in blue tones with all the incised lines:

Susan Thompson

Our first session was with Nancy Natale. She spoke about blogging, but blogger had just done a major change to the layout, so poor Nancy had to figure out her talk all anew….we had a ton of fun, though we all got a bit dizzy from her jumping cursor…;-))

“What’s your work” was the theme of Kim Bernard‘s talk and it was not a talk: it was a spiritual journey! She had us pose questions to each other as profound as: What are you passionate/curious/fearful about? What do you want to learn and what do you think about on a long, lonely car trip.
Boy, did I learn a whole lot of stuff about myself in a hurry! It was fabulous!!!

Off to the Closing Ceremony, more tonight!


Second Conference Day

June 12, 2010

It’s almost 11 PM and I can’t believe I’m still awake! On the other hand, I don’t think I could sleep either, after a day like this…

The day started with a brilliant early morning walk Carol convinced me about. Montserrat college is just minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean and we walked over to the beach, admiring the wonderful houses. Everything is so well kept and clean!

Our first program was a forum about Making a Career in Wax in the First Parish Church. Panel and discussions were very interesting and funny (Allexandre, Eileen).

Lunch was provided and we took it inside because it had started to drizzle a bit. I attended the informal IEA gathering, where we got a good crowd and had several prospective new members.

For some reason my afternoon program comprised of all talk, no demo’s unfortunately, so I don’t have any relevant photos, but here are some more images from the “Best Foot Forward”

After one of the talks JudyKlich came up to me. I did feature her on the Ning network a couple of weeks earlier and she tole me it had been great timing.
Here are Judy and I in front of Joanne Mattera’s painting:

And this is her painting in Best Foot Forward:

Tanne - Judy Klich

I also met one of my first Ning members: Ken Aeson! I’m going to feature him as soon as he has uploaded some of his encaustic work to the ning site.

In the evening we went to the opening of “Flow and Control”

Shelley Gilchrist

Shelley Gilchrist won Curator’s choice award.

Ruth Hiller

Ruth Hiller got the Montserrat Choice award and Karin Freedman was Joanne’s choice (image later).

Umbrae: Kelly Wagner Steinke

I loved Kelly Wagner‘s piece!

After wards we joined Joanne, Eileen, Nancy and Elena for dinner.

What a day!

First Conference day

June 11, 2010

I knew this was going to be difficult, blogging after a full day; but here goes:

We woke up to 22 tolls of the bell at 7 AM and after turning around in our bed once more, got up around 8 and headed out to find some breakfast.

Look at these 4 pedicured feet:

We found breakfast, then a wonderful second hand store and 1.5 hours later (me $200 lighter…) attended both Linda Womacks talk:

Next on my program was Rodney Thompson, talking about encaustic and drawing. Time for dinner: Italian, then keynote speech from Roberta Bernstein about Jasper Johns. She shared with us how she got to meet him.

Too long of a story to share here now!

It’s  almost 10 PM, time to go to bed.

In VERY good company!

June 10, 2010

Yes, we’re here, or there, whatever you want to call it.

Montserrat College of Art! We got a wonderful ride with KT’s limo service, sharing with Margot and Susanne. It was raining cats and dogs, but that did not bother us much.

We got to the dormitory, which is fabulous (pictures later), threw our luggage in the room and hurried over to register; just before Evangeline called it a day at 7 PM. Upstairs in the Hardie building the exhibit “Best Foot Forward” will take place:  every conferee is allowed to hang a painting in a grid-like manner, max. 12×12″ (the “foot”).

Joanne Mattera had her painting there as well and the spaces left and right from her were still open… bold Carol and I hurried to get our paintings and fill those spaces!

In good company...

Carol, Joanne, Thea

Joanne’s is the lime green one, left is Carol, the small one to the right is mine. To the left of Carol is Eileen Goldenberg’s painting.
Will add titles a.s.a.p.

Eileen Goldenberg, to left of Carol

Isn’t that fabulous….?! Now we should get some sleep, I guess. Had dinner with Maura Joy Lustig, Pamela and Page at Jap. place and even drank some sake…my eyes are very heavy….;-))

We’re on our way!

June 10, 2010

Technology is fabulous – when it works…;-))

I’m in a plane, on my way to Boston to attend the Encaustic conference.

Carol and I had to get up at 3:15 AM, and we were the very first to arrive at the airport.

Kelowna airport, 4 AM....

Talk to you soon from the conference, I hope!