36″ A Day: Day 31

YEAH, I did it! 31 days in May and I painted every single day! I honestly did not cheat and show you an old painting I did on another day…;-)

This morning I lined them all up, the small ones on paper and the wooden panel ones. This is how it looked:

May small paintings

May panels

There are 81 paintings altogether…82, if I count the second Poppy one, which is not in the picture. I donated it already to the art gallery.

And this is number 83, which I did today. I only had about an hour; could have fiddled with it longer, but sometimes deadlines are a good thing…;-)

May 31, 1
Yes, it’s me! The colours are real hard on my scanner and I don’t think I got a very good liking (my nose is not THAT big!), but it was fun to do and I’m happy with it.
Especially as I had already packed all my regular paint supplies for my trip to Riondel tomorrow and had to make do with an old iron and a stylus with a blunt tip instead of a pointed one!
Basic shapes were done with the iron, then some scratching and stylus work.

So, this is the end of it…or is it??
For me it is a beginning: a beginning to realize that I can achieve what I set my mind to, that I can make time for painting.
I learned that there was much which I did not know: Not until you do it, do you know what you don’t know…;-)

And honestly: I could not have done it without you! The fact that I had promised to write daily  what I had done and about 40 people were expecting a report, was a great motivation. Thanks for your very welcome feedback and encouragement.
Perhaps you’d like to do something similar at one point. Let me know, so I can support you!

Signing off now…..

With warmest regards and many thanks,

a very happy



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6 Responses to “36″ A Day: Day 31”

  1. judy Says:

    Thea what a wonderful month of art from you!! I enjoyed every post and I am proud of you for staying on track and fulfilling your challenge to yourself. It is very hard to pick a favourite from this group. I loved them all and I learned alot too about wax! Thanks for sharing and hope to see you soon!
    Have a great time at your workshops!
    Judy in Penticton

  2. Linda Swales Says:

    Well done!!!! You have inspired me. I always complain that I don’t ever
    have time. I will have to get my space set up and pick a time to paint.
    Your table full of paintings looks wonderful. It is full of many colours.
    You have peaked my curiosity, I will have to see what I can do.
    Have a safe journey to Riondel. I hope it gets sunny so the area shines.
    It really is very beautiful over there.

  3. Alyson Stanfield Says:

    Congratulations on reaching your goal, Thea!

  4. sandy Says:

    Congratulations Thea! I have enjoyed opening your emails daily and seeing what you created. You should be very proud of your accomplishment:) You truly have a talent. Love the colour choices and the bamboo and candle techniques. Now to find time to ‘play’ with my kit again.
    Thanks for sharing and hope you do this again!!
    Sandy in Fruitvale

  5. Anna Wolleben Says:

    You did a GREAT job! Thanks for the goodies every day, I really enjoyed them!
    Have a safe trip!
    Liebe Gruesse, Anna

  6. encausticcanada Says:

    Thanks everyone! Will try to blog from the conference!

    All best,

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