36″ A Day: Day 30

Only one more day in the month of May! Where did the time go?!

Yesterday my husband remarked that the sunflower image was kind of cheating; and of course he was right. It was really more a technique piece (and a quick one at that…).

So today I decided to paint the same image on a 6×6 wooden panel.
The panel was primed with 3 layers of clear wax and a coat of white. Then I brushed on some green and the light yellow-brown for the flower centre. The petals were first painted with a brush and then reworked with the drawing tip of the stylus.

May 30, 1

Before I started the sunflower I prepared a 16×16 wooden panel for the next challenge: the RipOff project. 10 local artists are ripping off Lawren Harris this year. We choose his Mount Lefroy.
In the three previous years we stole from Van Gogh, Klimt and O’Keeffe. (More info on the project in my June newsletter).

I transferred the drawing, using carbon paper on the primed board. The original painting is not quite square, so I will eventually paint around the edges to get the whole image.

Mount Lefroy

One more day….

Talk to you tomorrow,



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One Response to “36″ A Day: Day 30”

  1. Linda Swales Says:

    I like your sunflower.
    I am really looking forward to the RipOff project. It will be very
    interesting to see it in all of the various mediums.

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