36″ A Day: Day 28

Thanks for sticking with me until now! We’ve almost made it…
The coming three days will be challenging, with me having to prepare for several trips and deadlines for two newsletters.
Being in the studio also means I have to take care of signing, framing, cataloging etc., or else I will “drown” in paintings, which are all over the place. Especially the wooden panels take up massive space.

framing stuff

A bit more hot air work today. This time on a letter size cream coloured painting card. I started without clear wax, but had to add some later in the process, while the wax was not moving enough. After I was happy with my colours I scratched back to the yellow card to form shapes of leaves and flowers:

May 28, 1
This is with back light, placing the image against the window.

May 28, 1B
And here it is while laying on the table. Quite different, isn’t it?

I played a bit with a larger panel 14×14, adding layer upon layer of wax and then used the scraper to dig back into the wax. I really like this effect. As I was working a human figure appeared, holding a circular shape and trailing one from her hair (?). Something to pursue further, I think.
The colours are much richer in person: it was getting dark outside!

May 28, 2
Talk to you tomorrow,



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5 Responses to “36″ A Day: Day 28”

  1. lizamyers Says:

    Very nice! So cool how different the work looks with the light behind or in front. I’m always intrigued and amazed by the depth of encaustic. Nice work!

  2. sandy Says:

    I am amazed by your paintings every day. I LOVE the first one. The colours are beautiful and what a difference between the two, although they are the same painting! Oh I really must play with encaustic some more!!

  3. encausticcanada Says:

    Thanks, Liza!
    @ Sandy: so glad you like the paintings.
    And how great is that, if I can get you to play!!!

  4. Linda Swales Says:

    Aren’t these absolutely beautiful!! What a difference between the two
    and both equally beautiful. You have done some wonderful pieces over
    the last month or almost month. I will miss these daily blogs.

  5. encausticcanada Says:

    Hi Linda,
    glad you like them. I do have a lot of pieces now; not all are great, but I learned from my mistakes too…;-)

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