36″ A Day, Day 25

Yesterday I had fun with the hotair blowing wax around and today I have tried to control the process a bit more. It really is a fine art!
One of the ladies who is going to take my Riondel workshop next week asked about the technique and I thought I’d better practice a bit more…;-)
You want to mount your painting card with painters tape on a piece of cardboard or backing board, so that it is rigid and you can pan the liquid wax around.

I did two images. The first one in white and blues is on black painting card and I did not use the metallic powder.

May 25, 1

The second one is on 6×6 white card, using magenta, yellow mixer and a little bit of blue.
Here I did add gold powder towards the end:

May 25, 2
There was no time to work on a bigger project today, but I did finish the edges of two paintings I had done before. Even remembered to sign them…now they only need a wire and an info sheet on the back and they are ready to go.
Still have to write 5 invoices tonight, so I’d better stop!

Talk to you tomorrow,


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One Response to “36″ A Day, Day 25”

  1. Linda Swales Says:

    Oh,Thea, these are spectacular. I absolutely love them.
    The blue just draws you in and the other jumps out at you.
    I really do like this technique. You never know what you
    are going to end up with.
    You have down wonderful work through the month and I
    have really enjoyed following it.

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