36″ A Day: Day 24

Today’s mini newsletter might end up being a micro one, as I spent most of the day outside, taking a Meadowlark Festival tour and visiting our Twin Lakes property to do some work there.
So not much work in the studio…
Two hotair images done on painting card. First coat card with clear wax, then dribble on colours and blow with the heat gun or embossing gun. While wax is liquid, sprinkle some magic powder on and blow some more.
The first one looks a bit like an iris, don’t you think??

May 24, 1

May 24, 2

One more sumi-e / wax project on a 10×10 wooden panel: iron work on top of embedded sumi-e drawing.
Proposed title: Secrets of the Garden (please share your ideas with me; I’m not very good at titles…)
Talk to you tomorrow,



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One Response to “36″ A Day: Day 24”

  1. Chris Says:

    I like that title Thea. Suits the work. Chris

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