36″ A Day: Day 22

Today was the first day of the May long weekend here in Canada. It’s considered as the unofficial beginning of the summer season.
Well, it’s still quite cold here, but the tourists are already flocking into town. And yesterday’s opening at the Penticton Art Gallery was packed!

With the weather not quite so nice I was in the studio for a couple of hours and played with an old favourite technique: drumming in colours into an absorbent surface, in this case mat board:
basically you load your iron and hold it at an angle to the support. Then quasi bulldoze the wax across. I’ll make a tutorial sometime (don’t hold your breath…!), but the technique is also described in Michael Bossom’s Project Book. I did several ones.
This one came out the best:

May 22, 2
Then I did another crow, partly transferred, partly painted.
He still needs some sort of support under his feet, but I like how it almost looks as he is dozing off.
May 22, 3
And I fiddled some more with those darned poppies. My husband thinks it’s great now and forbids me to donate it to the upcoming art auction of our gallery….perhaps I will just try to do another one.
Oh, now I see it on the screen I really do not like the stem of that far-right flower. Is this thing EVER going to be finished…?   ;-))
Poppies, again
Well, back to the drawing board/heated palette!
Talk to you tomorrow,



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