36″ A Day: Day 20

To force myself to start painting early today I switched on the heated palette and crock pot before breakfast and while the whiff of beeswax was enticing me to go down into the studio I completed my second task for Alyson Stanfield‘s Blast Off class: checking in with myself.
This would be a whole separate blog post, so I won’t go there right now…;-)

The 6×6″‘s I did today were inspired by a picture that Sheila S. sent me of her first Encaustic painting. A wonderful flower scene on a 24×20 canvas. Thanks, Sheila!
I used the remnants of my Mother’s Day bouquet for my motive: you know how the flowers start to look a bit sad, but you cannot really part with them yet??
This is my impression:

May 20, 1

There was one large white dahlia, which still looked quite nice. I painted it on black card and faded out the edges of the background flowers a bit.
I like how the white picked up some of the pink wax from underneath.

May 20, 2

For my larger project I tackled the maple leaves again, remember, the one that I found too busy? Several of you emailed me your thoughts; thanks for that!
Basically I covered up the lower leaf and made it into 3 different ones; then the background was darkened with a lovely indigo blue. It’s very dark, but still transparent. You cannot really see it well in the photo; it looks much nicer in person. Photographing Encaustic can be frustrating!
To enhance the texture some antique magic powder was brushed on and I turned it upside down:

May 20, 3

After my morning painting session I had to tidy up and clean the studio, because of a workshop I’m teaching there tomorrow.

Before clean-up After: After clean-up

So tomorrow you will probably see some demo pieces of landscape paintings from me!

Talk to you then,



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One Response to “36″ A Day: Day 20”

  1. Chris Says:

    All are great again, really love your maple leaf card now, and I liked the first version too, but this is 100% better! Chris

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